Woman Kevin Hart Cheated With Says She Isn’t Extorting Him

Montia Sabbag, the woman at the center of Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal, recently spoke at a press conference held by her attorney Lisa Bloom.

Montia is the woman Kevin Hart allegedly slept with recently as his current wife Eniko is pregnant.

During the press conference, Montika said she she is not extorting Kevin, nor is she a stripper. She also claims she is being victimized by the recent reports as she did not know anything about a camera being in the hotel room.

Lisa Bloom also mentions that police authorities have not contacted her office at any point for an investigation into the subsequent release of the video. She also said there is an award for information provided regarding who set up the recording equipment in Kevin’s hotel room.

When questions were asked about the relationship she had with Kevin, Lisa nor her client Montia answered.

Check out the press conference below.

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  1. So are they saying Kevin’s people who were talking to TMZ lied about him being extorted? If so, this just got more scandalous.

  2. Honestly, Kevin has probably slept with multiple women since he married his “rib”. He’s obviously a womanizer and it’s not like Eniko didn’t know that when she’s the side chick who was promoted to second wife.

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