Kenya Moore Responds to Reports Suggesting RHOA Season 10 Will Be Her Last

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was reported that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and newlywed Kenya Moore was having drama because not everyone believes she’s really married.

In fact, a report claimed Kim Zolciak has been making it a point to try her hardest to prove that Kenya is not married at all.

Kenya made it clear on social media that she’s not playing around about her marriage and she’s lawyered up just in case anyone tries it, and many suspected the Instagram post was a threat to Kim.

Now the latest rumor claims she’s been clashing so bad with Kim that this will be her last season.

However, Kenya claims she won’t allow anyone to run her off RHOA.

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      1. I mean it’s obvious. B Scott said she didn’t go on the trip for a very good reason. Sounds like pregnancy to me. I know you hate Kenya and need her to be bitter like you are but she’s happily married and she will have kids. That whole no man wants her and she can’t have kids thing is just projection from her miserable haters.

  1. I honestly thought this would be Kenya’s last season anyway. She doesn’t want her “husband” on the show, so how much longer could she stay on it anyway and not film any of her personal life?

  2. It would make sense for season 10 to be Kenya’s last. She brings nothing to the show but fake relationships and storylines anyway. Most watch in spite of her, not for her. LOL.

  3. Of course Kenya not leaving the RHOA its the only thing she got going for herself and the only thing keeping her relevant without it she would fade right back to oblivion. Only way Kenya leaves is if she is fired.

    1. Kenya has a very successful hair product line. It’s being sold in Sally’s stores around the country. Her husband runs a very successful restaurant. She doesn’t need this show. And when she leaves, she will take the ratings with her.

      1. Umm successful that’s pushing it sis I still have yet to see her hair care line in any store I go to or enough people to rave about it. I heard some buzz in the summer but since then its been crickets. As far as her husband’s successful business that’s great for him but the jury is still out on them as a couple. All I’m saying is before RHOA no one was checking for Kenya and after she leaves I still don’t think no one will be checking for her. She has not turned her reality platform into anything sustainable so far. She has gotten no acting gigs,no talk show radio host gigs, no gigs outside of RHOA not even a successful business so far nothing legitimate to fall back on.

  4. I was hoping the rumor was true. Kenya really doesn’t bring anything to the show and ruined it because now RHOA is so fake. Even Cynthia is out here pretending she has a man. It’s a whole mess now. I enjoy Married to Medicine more because it’s more real. Potomac too.

  5. Sh-t she can go. It makes no sense how she’s refusing to do everything asked of her. The show never needed her. Let’s be clear on that. Especially with NeNe back. People need to stop blowing her head up. Queen my a-s.

  6. It really doesn’t make sense for Kenya to do season 11. Her husband doesn’t want to be on the show so what’s the point? I think season 10 should be her last. The point of reality TV is to show your real life. If she can’t do that she should leave and make room for someone who will.

  7. I have never seen more crazy people in print. Kenya at times have prompt this show up. When Kenya is not there they call her name. When Wendy interviewed Kandi last yeAR she was to busy calling Kenya”s name. As far as Kenya making it a fake show all those chicks are fake. You all didn’t hardly bat an eye when Porsha had her fake relationships on the show. He’ll they were all lying in the beginning about being wealthy. Watch in the earlier shows especially at the dancing like the stars Nene didn’t even have much cash to donate to charity and she had KandI looking cheap in the process. KandI has remedied that. You all did not hold Nene accountable for not donating to charity Detroit does that ring a bell. Everything that Kenya does is held under a different microscope. She deserves happiness just like the rest of us. It’s not Kenya who is not wanting her husband on the show. It’s her husband Because that show may cost him his marriage and his lively hood. Because he might have to cuss those manly women out

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