‘Survivor’s Remorse’ + ‘Being Mary Jane’ Cancelled

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By: A.J. Niles

There’s unfortunate news for fans of “Survivor’s Remorse” and “Being Mary Jane.”

It’s been revealed that both shows have been cancelled.

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  1. When Being Mary Jane and Survivors Remorse first came out, we were just happy to have black shows again. But now there are more black shows to watch with way better writing. So people stopped watching. I’ll watch the BMJ movie though to see how it will all end.

  2. When BET announced Tyler Perry was leaving OWN to produce content for them, I wondered what that meant for Gabby’s show.

  3. Well I can see survivor’s remorse being cancelled especially ever since Mike Epps left. I’m shocked about Being Mary Jane I actually like this season.

  4. Let’s be real. No one was watching anyway. If your show can’t get a million viewers nowadays, it will get cancelled.

  5. After she sued them and won of course this would be their next move. Always knew this would be MJ’s last season so no surprise here

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