Erica Mena Says Yandy Smith Instigated Her Altercation with Kimbella

Erica Mena was pretty much just a friend of the show when she made her first appearance on “Love and Hip Hop New York.”

However, her very memorable altercation with Kimbella is one of the reasons she became a full-time cast member.

Interestingly enough, she revealed on “Love & Hip Hop: Dirty Little Secrets” that it was actually Yandy Smith who instigated the situation.

Erica said:

“So what you guys don’t know is that right before that scene, I was on the way to set with Ms. Yandy Smith and she spoke on a few things that apparently Kimbella said about me. And I was just going straight for the jugular. Silly me.”

This isn’t the first time Erica Mena has put Yandy Smith on blast. So one can safely assume, it won’t be the last.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Yandy is fo fake. I really wish more people would point it out tho. They stay believing the fake boss image she puts out. She’s messy and very fraudulent.

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