Kim Zolciak Works Overtime to Show She’s Not Racist

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak is still upset with NeNe Leakes for accusing her of being racist.

In the meantime, Kim has been trying to prove she’s not racist on social media by posting about the black women she’s close to.

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  1. She also posted a photo with her and Kandi. I don’t know why Kenya and NeNe are the only ones who refuse to kiss her a-s. Her show is flopping, so why is Andy still shoving her down our throats? She is not needed on RHOA.

    1. Exactly. Sweetie was like a maid to her and Kim could treat her like an employee unlike the women on Atlanta Housewivws who are outspoken/have their own money which is intimidating for trashy Kim.

  2. I wouldn’t say Kim is racist but she does think she’s more important than she is. The truth is no one is checking for her and ratings got better after she left.

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