Gabrielle Union Responds to Critics + Azealia Banks Comes to Her Defense

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Gabrielle Union’s latest interview with Sway in the Morning was a polarizing one for certain.

Gabby touched on multiple topics during the interview. As a result, many critics came out of the woodwork, coming for her. However, Gabby did respond to these critics, and had a few come to her defense; including Azealia Banks.

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  1. Gabby is such a beautiful woman. Anyway, at 5 I wasn’t beating my meat. I was just trying to play wth actual toys lol.

  2. I always admired Gabriel Union but, now she has gone to far! A 5yr old child doesn’t know anything about masturbation perhaps she didn’t clean herself properly and had an itch or someone had touched her and introduced her to this type of behavior but she sure is hell would not have been longing for something that she didn’t know anything about!! A kid touching themselves I not masturbation its jus a bored kid touching themselves grow up Gabby and Azaelia.

  3. I love what Gabby said about s-xy a repression and m-sturbation;Self Love is the best love and your s-x life should be your own!Some of us have a very high s-x life!

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