‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Tina Causes Conflict in Manchester & Israel

Photo Credit: WEtv

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Mary Mary,” Erica & Tina successfully perform in Manchester, UK. However, Tina still doesn’t want to get on the same Mary Mary page with Erica. Their performance in Israel is over the horizon. Tina also throws a graduation party for her daughter less than 24 hours before their family is supposed to leave out of the country.

When their family lands in Israel, Tina and Teddy begin to clash with their tour guide.

Here is the recap for “Cut the Cameras!”

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    1. I said the same thing. I only watched this episode and the was she was talking to the band and make up artist was enough for me. And I hate her hair.

  1. Teddy had me cracking up last night. He wasn’t worried about his salvation when he cheated all those times. Him and Tina are a whole mess.

  2. Everyone please PRAY for Tina & Teddy they think that getting baptised where JESUS got baptised will curve his desire for cheating and will give them the fairytale marriage “that has already been broken”(smdh)!!!!

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