Meek Mill’s Lawyer Claims Judge Who Sentenced Him to Prison is Crooked

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By: A.J. Niles

Many in the Hip-Hop community were shocked and disappointed to see Meek Mill receive a 2-year minimum prison sentence for probation violations. In response, Jay-Z wrote a rare Facebook post expressing displeasure in Meek Mill’s sentence, calling the sentence, “Unjust and heavy-handed.”

Now, Meek Mill’s lawyer recently revealed that this sentence may be a consequence for Meek Mill not taking the judge’s request to leave Roc-Nation.

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  1. Im confused as to why everyone thinks he did nothing wrong, wasn’t he constantly in headlines for doing something he had no business

  2. His lawyer need too stop already. They have the nerve to do a petition. Hell he was lucky I’ve never seen a person on probation get so many chances. If you go to jail while on probation it’s automatically revoked. He knew what time it was, she was leaner than any judge.

  3. People are going so hard for Meek but wouldn’t do the same for their bad a-s cousin Tyrone dealing with the same legal issues. It’s hilarious to me.

  4. This is why you have to be smart when you get out of prison. It’s super easy to be sent back and that’s really what the government wants anyway.

  5. I mean there are crooked judges out here. But he should have learned to sit his a-s down somewhere when he got out the first time. His album did well. So why keep playing games and risking your freedom? He should have focused on his career and stayed out of trouble.

  6. Crooked judge or not, she can’t send him back to jail unless HE did something stupid to get brought back into court.

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