Report: FBI Launches Probe into Judge Who Sentenced Meek Mill to Prison

Photo Credit: Hot 97/Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Meek Mill’s recent prison sentence received the ire of many who feel he was sentenced unfairly. It appears their outcries have caught the attention of the FBI, who appear to be investigating the judge who sentenced Meek.

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  1. Girl I am with you…they kill me trying to turn him into a martyr. There are other celebrities who have been on probation but not had as much contact with the law. Us regular folks have to maneuver and work out way around the system shouldn’t be hard for someone of his stature to. I mean damn Chris Brown has done way worse and he free

  2. I mean if the judge did some shady stuff, she needs to be held responsible. If not, Meek needs to suck it up and do the time.

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