Dr. Simone & Cecil Whitmore Dragged for Son’s Anti-Black Women Comments

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Married to Medicine” couple Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore are having a hard time in their marriage on the current season of the hit reality show.

However, their son Michael has become a victim of social media.

After the latest episode aired on Friday, people were not happy with some of his comments and made it known to his parents.

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  1. Monique needs to shut her annoying a-s up. Hell she got dragged last season for not even knowing the difference between Indians and Native Americans. Her opinions on race, self hate and race relations aren’t worth sh-t to me.

  2. I agree. I’m a black woman and I’m not offended by his comment. He’s a young man who probably is in a predominantly white school with white girls. I don’t think he meant any harm either. Ppl are way too sensitive sometimes.

  3. Why are black women expected to just sit and take verbal abuse from black boys and black men? What he said was wrong and very disrespectful. People have a right to be angry.

  4. Honestly the responses to what their son said comes down to generational divides. Older black women are okay with it because I mean they are taught to be submissive pick me’s. And younger black women aren’t here for the bullish-t. It’s simple, date who you want. Just don’t disrespect black women in the process. Black men were out here crying and whining on social media about Serena marrying a white man. But black women are told to shut up and don’t be sensitive when we are disrespected on national television. I’m glad younger black women are waking up.

  5. He and his parents are getting dragged because he said he’d settle and be with a black woman. It’s annoying that Cecil and Simone are being obtuse. But I’m not suprised. If they had substance their son wouldn’t have the views he has. Black people are going to get enough of keeping their kids away from other black people. It does not help them in the long run.

  6. A joke? Nah. But I understand they have to do damage control. They should be careful trying to call black women over sensitive. Their ratings are already on the decline.

  7. They better get ready because they will get dragged even more tonight. A lot of people don’t even know the show has been moved to Fridays. So they will see this tonight.

  8. Stuff like this is why little black girls struggle with low self esteem. And like Michelle Obama said, black parents coddle black boys and raise black girls. Look at how quickly Simone defended him. Had it been her daughter saying this, she would have checked her on the spot on TV, not laugh and defend her on Twitter. And the coddling doesn’t stop with black boys. On the episode before this one, Heavenly told Simone to turn the other cheek with Cecil because black men deal with soooo much. Well hell, what about us?! We can’t even watch this show without being disrespected and then told to get over it if we’re angry about it. Sad.

  9. I don’t see how this was a joke. It damn sure wasn’t funny and it came out of nowhere like he just wanted the world to know he loves white girls. I’m not even going to blame this on him going to private school. His brother grew up the same way, and he chose to attend a HBCU so he could be around black people including black women. So, this son just has some serious self hate issues and it’s his parents responsibility to set him straight. But by the looks of these tweets, it’s not going to happen.

    1. True and the other thing is their oldest son never said stupid crap like this either. He clearly has more sense than his brother, so private school may not be the issue. So Simone and Cecil need to figure out where they went wrong with this one. Yikes.

  10. From a PR perspective, their responses aren’t a good look. Instead of being defensive, they should have just apologized for what their son said and assured viewers they had a long talk with him about what was problematic about what he said. Say that and just leave it there. But the fact that they feel the angry responses are the bigger issue now puts it in perspective why he felt okay with saying what he did in the first place.

  11. How is this a joke when a lot of young black boys feels this way? Simone should sit down and talk to young black girls about what they are having to deal with. They can’t even go on social media without black boys calling them unattractive and putting white girls and white latinas on a pedestal.

  12. So let me get this straight, they want us to have sympathy for their son but they don’t have any empathy for the black women who are offended? Well alrighty then.

  13. Sad to see how some of these black boys are learning to hate their own race at such young ages. I’m glad the oldest son seems to have a better head on his shoulders.

  14. Ricky Smiley’s son told the same bad “joke”. So did Lil Wayne, Kevin Hart, and some random rapper I can’t remember. They say there is a bit of truth in “jokes” so the truth is that the ENTIRE GLOBE is being brain washed into thinking Black women are ugly, dumb, masculine, and overall inferior, so instead of passing it off as nothing serious, his parents should’ve sat him down to discuss the thought process that gave rise to this “joke”. Especially since Black women are the ones out here marching so Black men can get justice and respect. It’s about time Black women got reciprocity. We are the backbone of the community and we demand respect.


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