Erica Mena to Join LHHATL?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

While many fans weren’t shocked of the news, many wondered how Mona Scott Young would replace Joseline Hernandez on LHHATL.

According to reports, her answer to the question may be to bring a LHHNY fan favorite to the franchise.

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  1. I never got the hype over Erica Mena. All she did really was have fake relationships and I’m just not interested. Honestly I think Johnnie Blaze will be more interesting.

  2. Mona must be running out of ideas. The little I am hearing about the next ATL season has me thinking it’s going to be so dry. I can’t be mad at Erica getting that check though when offered.

  3. I just said a couple of weeks ago on a post that Erica wants to be back on LHH so bad and I proved to be correct smh. She should be getting clowned she talked so much ish when she left like she was so above bish please you right back where you started.

  4. So k.michelle left and came back, now erika coming back i think cardi b better play her cards right before she too end up back on reality tv

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