Kim Zolciak Accuses Kenya Moore of Making Racist Comments

It’s pretty clear that Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak won’t be on good terms anytime soon.

In fact, they clashed something serious on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Kim feels like Kenya took things too far by making some controversial remarks about her daughter, but Kenya feels like Kim crossed the line first by going after her marriage.

Now Kim is also accusing Kenya of making some racist comments.

She tweeted the following hours ago:



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  1. Kim is really reaching. I know she loves to play victim but this is such a reach. I don’t care for Kenya but this is ridiculous. This is why Kim needed to stay gone. She doesn’t really fit with the cast anymore anyway, so why come back?

  2. Oh Kim shut the f-ck up. She’s the main one accusing everyone else of playing the race card but she just threw the whole damn deck at Kenya. I can’t stand her whiny a-s. I didn’t think anyone could make me defend Kenya’s tired a-s but here we are. Got damn Kim needs to go.

  3. The N word is a racist word. White trash/trailer trash is about classism. Kim knows this but she will say otherwise to get the white viewers to help her get Kenya off the show.

  4. Kim should really stop obsessing over Queen Kenya. Unlike Kim, Kenya brings the ratings and all these lies she keeps tweeting won’t save that flop show of hers! We’re still not watching it Kim!

  5. LOL! I’m just going to sit back and eat my popcorn because Kenya finally met her match when it comes to playing victim. And it’s hilarious!

  6. Now this is why Kim’s a-s should not be back on the damn show. She is always ready to play victim when she’s messy as hell herself! I don’t like Kenya but Kim came to NeNe’s party starting with her first. Now she wants to cry about what was said to her in response. She needs to take her a-s on somewhere. The show was just fine without her. If anyone needs to come back it’s Phaedra.

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