Floyd Mayweather Sues Shantel Jackson

According to TMZ, Floyd Mayweather is making some pretty serious accusations about his ex Shantel Jackson.

In court documents, he’s accusing Shantel of using his credit cards without his knowledge, and taking his cash too.

TMZ writes:

According to docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Shantel got access to Floyd’s credit card accounts, and scooped cash around his house, to go on personal shopping sprees. He claims she shipped all her illicit booty to a secret location to keep him in the dark.

Floyd claims Shantel would praise him in public when he got bad press purely to gain his confidence. In the docs, his lawyer writes … “As a result of that confidence, Mayweather, who’s education ended at eighth grade, did not audit or otherwise inspect either his cash or his credit card statements for theft by Jackson.”

Translation: She pulled a rope-a-dope, and yeah … Floyd was the dope.

According to the suit, Floyd only found out when a mutual friend told him Shantel had been bragging about her financial exploits.

The champ’s suing his ex for theft — no specific amount. Shantel is still suing him, too … for a slew of reasons, including domestic abuse and invasion of privacy.

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  1. Honestly this is how you’re supposed to play the game when you don’t know if you’re going to be with a baller the long. Floyd doesn’t seem all that smart with his money anyway. So any woman dealing with him may as well stack while she can.

  2. If this man can brag relentlessly about all the money he has but hasn’t furthered his education, then he deserves to get got. Sorry not sorry. I hope she enjoyed those shopping sprees.

  3. He just can’t seem to get over this girl it’s like everyone who left him seems to be happy with somebody else and he is miserable and lonely. anybody could have took money around his house he has a harem of women and a posse of men hanging around 24/7 and if he thinks that these women are with him for anything other than his money, he is dumber than he looks.

  4. Exactly at least she was smarter than his first baby mama and Ms Jackson didn’t want too much of his money because she aborted that mans twins with a quickness lol.

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