RHOA Recap: NeNe & Porsha Have An Explosive Encounter + Cynthia Backs Kenya

Kenya and Kim continue to clash.

After Kenya calls Kim out for pimping out Brielle out for John Legend tickets, she tries to run up on Kenya and they are restrained by security.

“Take that trailer park b*tch out.” – Kenya

“You don’t talk about my f*cking daughter!” – Kim

NeNe, Sheree and Kroy try to calm Kim down to no avail.

Kim ends up throwing her phone at Kenya. It hits and breaks one of the glasses on the table.

Kroy comes in and walks Kim out of NeN’s house to calm her down.

She starts crying and begs Kroy to let her walk back in NeNe’s house to lay hands on Kenya.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says although she doesn’t ever advocate for someone to make shady comments about someone else’s kids, she doesn’t think Kim was going to back down until Kenya responded.

NeNe says that Kim opened herself up to the shade by tweeting what she did about John Legend tickets.

Kim leaves upset and heads to Porsha’s place down the street with Kroy and Sheree.

“What are y’all doing here? What’s going on?” – Porsha

Kim tells Porsha that she got into with Kenya.

“I almost beat that b*tch to a f*cking pulp.” – Kim

Later on, Kenya tells NeNe, Marlo and Cynthia that Brielle actually came for her first on social media by accusing her of having a fake husband.

She says she didn’t respond to Brielle out of respect but she’s not going to let Kim play her in person.

Kim tells Sheree and Porsha that Kenya also said something about her son getting injured by a dog but Sheree says she didn’t hear Kenya say anything about her son.
“I honestly did not hear Kenya say anything about Kim’s injured son.” – Sheree

“Like it’s a wrap after that. You don’t mention someone’s children period, and your injured son and your hoe daughter.” – Porsha

There’s a bit of a short pause after this as Sheree looks on surprised by Porsha’s choice of words.

Porsha and Kim shade Cynthia and accuse her of always taking Kenya’s side.

“Kenya has a turn up. We’ve all seen it. But Kenya was minding her business tonight.” – Cynthia

Cynthia says that she feels like Kenya was on her best behavior and Kim came for her first. In a green screen interview, NeNe says she feels like Cynthia is doing the most to defend Kenya and Kenya wouldn’t do the same for her.

“I feel like Cynthia is not woke.” – NeNe

Kandi is still having guilt about leaving her kids behind to perform.

She stops by the studio and has a chat with Don Juan about it.

Sheree comes by to spill the tea.

She tells them about NeNe’s all white party and how Kenya and Kim got into it. She says she didn’t hear Kenya say anything about Kim’s injured son.

Kandi says she’s just going to be cordial with Porsha and Sheree says that works out because she wants the girls to take a trip with her to San Francisco.

Kandi agrees to go.

Cynthia and Noelle catch up.

Noelle tells Cynthia that she’s rethinking moving to Charlotte because she thinks her and her boo should live their own lives before getting so serious.

She says he’s an all or nothing kind of person so he didn’t want to stay in the relationship.

Cynthia is proud because she raised Noelle to be an independent young woman.

Gregg gets some good news.

He tells NeNe that the doctors said he’s doing much better. They have even taken him off some of his meds.

“I feel better everyday. I’m good.” – Gregg

NeNe is relieved to hear this because she’s been very worried about him.

She tells him about the San Francisco trip and he tells her she can go because he has their son around to look after him.

Kenya gets some sad news.

Her grandmother passed away and she’s taking it hard because she’s the only mother she’s ever known.

Cynthia comes by to show her some support.

Kenya says her grandmother had Alzheimer’s but she was the last person she recognized.

She breaks down crying because she found video of her explaining that she told Kenya’s biological mom not to give Kenya away because she wanted to raise her.

Kenya says that Marc met her grandmother and her whole face lit up.

“She was just smiling. I know she waited until she knew that I had somebody to take care of me.” – Kenya

Before Cynthia leaves, she asks Kenya if she’s going to San Francisco. Kenya says she’s not sure because she needs to check with Marc.

NeNe invites Marlo to San Francisco.

She tells Marlo that she feels like Cynthia does the most to defend Kenya and it’s annoying her. So she wants Marlo to come with her to San Francisco and she decides to keep Marlo’s attendance to herself.

Porsha and Kandi are the first to meet Sheree at the airport. Sheree tells them that Kim’s not coming on the trip as a result of her explosive confrontation with Kenya.

Cynthia then walks up and notices that it’s still very awkward between Porsha and Kandi.

Porsha even tried to make a joke about Kandi over-packing but Kandi paid her dust and ignored her.

When the girls get on the bus, Sheree can sense the tension.

After Sheree says that she has a life coach who advised her to go on the trip, NeNe says that’s excellent but warns her not to take advice from her if she’s not wanting to hear the truth.

Porsha rolls her eyes.

They then start discussing when all of them last had “relations” and Porsha says it’s been about five months for her.

Kandi starts laughing and the others don’t seem to believe her.

Sheree says she hasn’t had relations in a while because her man is locked up. She confirms she is dating Tyrone.

NeNe is surprised that Sheree is dating Tyrone. She’s also known Tyrone for years but had no idea Sheree was still in touch with him.

“I feel like he gets me. We’ve been talking on the phone and we’ve been talking for like four years.” – Sheree

She said they stopped talking before he went away to prison, and she didn’t even know he was locked up for a while.

After they get settled in their hotel, NeNe sneaks off and goes to see Marlo.

“I’m so excited that Marlo is here. I know Cynthia is going to have her hands full to make sure Kenya’s okay. Cynthia’s going to have Kenya’s back and Marlo is going have mine’s.” – NeNe

They stroll up to the dinner together and everyone is surprised to see Marlo. However, Sheree is glad she’s there because she knows Marlo is a magnet for the truth when it comes to the group.

Kenya however, throws shade in her green screen interview.

“I’m not surprised to see Marlo. Marlo will come to the opening of an envelope.” – Kenya

Sheree tells NeNe and Porsha to put their issues out on the table.

NeNe says Porsha says the door is closed on their friendship.

They start arguing about who is angry about the situation more and Porsha once again accuses NeNe of trying to get her fired.

NeNe says that Porsha is the one who got Phaedra fired.

Porsha says Phaedra is accountable for her actions and this annoys Kanid since she feels porch hasn’t been accountable for hers.

In a green screen interview, NeNe says she had her back after she attacked Kenya and prevented her from being fired back then.

NeNe says Porsha comes for her at Dish Nation and she’s over it.

“You on forgot. Roll you tapes back. Roll em back!” – NeNe

“What I say?” – Porsha

“Roll em back!” – NeNe

Kenya steps in and says Porsha was always the one who had her back when they first met her.

This then sets NeNe off and the episode ends with both NeNe and Porsha saying “f*ck you” to each other.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I know people feel like NeNe is a bully but it’s true that Porcha doesn’t acknowledge things as she should. I think they all have a certain level of denial

  2. Cynthia is finally her own person and NeNe can NOT take it. She’s right. Kim came for Kenya first. And she got the response she was looking for!

  3. Kim can go the f-ck on somewhere with those tears of hers. How do you start sh-t and then cry when someone claps back?

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