Former BBWLA Star Brittish Williams Has Interesting Opinions on Russell Simmons Allegations

Former BBWLA star Brittish Williams has been enjoying her pregnancy. However, she is one of many who have an opinion on the many allegations of assault and harassment that been unleashed in 2017.

She is of the mindset, according to her recent tweets, that there should be a time limit set for people to speak out on such allegations.

She also feels that many of the women speaking out could be seeking fame, money or attention from the media and public.

She specifically speaks of the recent allegations Russell Simmons is facing, as a woman accused him of assaulting her 26 years ago at age 17.

Check out her tweets below.

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  1. I disagree. There are many reasons why ppl don’t speak up. First and foremost, if the person who committed the allegations is famous, rich and influential the victim could receive a lot of backlash thereby, re-victimizing him/her again. We saw that with the numerous responses to ppl coming forward. Terry Crews has been blackballed bc of his coming forward. For someone wanting to make a living in this industry there’s so many risks involved. Finally, the person wants to put it behind him/her bc it was a traumatic experience. It takes courage to speak up regardless to when it’s done.

  2. This is an ignorant point of view to have. You can’t tell people they have a time limit on when to speak out on an injustice that happened to them. Plain out ridiculous.

  3. It’s weird people tell women all the time to get over hurt and pain she’s no different. People don’t want to hear it. I feel like people don’t want to be reminded of their own suffering. When it come to grief, cheating lying or sexual abuse I keep my mouth shut. Shouldn’t be time limit on when people should get over it. Gotta let people find their own resolve

  4. This is what happens when people try to be too woke on Twitter. Russell Simmons doesn’t need to be defended. He’s been a problematic jerk for years. Did she not read the email he sent Terry Crews? She should educate herself.

  5. Everything isn’t a conspiracy. Some people are just f-cked up and do bad things to other people because they feel like they have enough power to get away with it. People are doing the most to defend Russell Simmons.

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