Stacey Dash Threatens to Sue Damon Dash over ‘Honor Up’ As Trailer Resurfaces

Photo Credit: Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

Yesterday, Stacey Dash was the subject of major ire on social media as a her cousin Dame Dash posted a promotional poster for his upcoming movie “Honor Up.”

It appears Stacey doesn’t want to be associated with the project.

She is also threatening to sue her cousin for using her likeness to promote the film, despite a trailer resurfacing with her in the credits.

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  1. Who wanted to see this movie anyway? Is Stacey still unemployed? It didn’t take long for Fox News to discard her like a piece of trash now, did it?

  2. I have nothing for her. I only clicked on the post to see a close up of the earrings she was wearing. I use to love those in the 90’s LOL!

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