Quad Webb-Lunceford Shades Mariah Huq’s Appearance During New Orleans Trip

Quad, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly recently did an interview wth Hip Hollywood about their trip to New Orleans.

Toya invited Mariah behind the backs of the others, and she and Quad clashed after a discussion about their fallout took place.

So it’s no surprise that Quad threw a little shade.

She told Hip Hollywood:

Well Toya gets mad because she had a friend because she has friend that she wanted to bring on the trip and no one was moved.

Everybody was like, ‘Hmm.’ You know? Where are we gonna eat? What’s dinner? You know? And she really got upset. She got upset because she had a plan that she really thought was going to shake the room. And shake people up. And it did the polar opposite…it did nothing.

She felt that she failed miserably in her approach to stir something up but it just didn’t work. People wasn’t seeing it for her. The people weren’t buying it.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Ok if it didn’t shake anybody up, why is Quad still pressed? I mean to be honest, she got worked up the most when Mariah showed up. Followed by Simone and Jackie.

  2. Not being moved by someone means they can no longer upset you. Yet, Quad allows even Mariah’s presence to upset every single time.

  3. Mariah has all these women pressed. Simone as well. They can’t stand the fact that she has a great marriage and she’s the reason they are all on TV now. The jealousy is real.

  4. Quad is so delusional. She’s clearly still in her feelings about Mariah. That was evident on the last episode when she kept trying to bring up their stale fallout that happened years ago. That’s why Jackie took the mic from her. She knew Quad was on that BS. LOL.

  5. Quad is such a miserable person. They are all so jealous it’s sad. Oh whatever happened to that RHOA invite Quad ?. Damn liar. And she was probably homeless why be mad about it. Her own husband said from the day he met her he had to take care of her. Quad act like she never had hard times is so sick. It’s a slap in the face to people who go through hard times and make it. She is crazy. But Mariah did warn us.

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