‘Married to Medicine’ Husband Shades the Ladies of RHOA?

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Married to Medicine” has been a dramatic season for a few of the marriages on the show, with one couple even headed toward divorce.

Despite the drama, it seems some fans of the show don’t mind elevating it over “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Dr. Simone’s husband Cecil Whitmore seems to be in agreement with those fans.

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  1. That follower lied to him. Those women are not likable. I only watch for Mariah. All they do is leave her out and act like cliquish high school girls. At least the housewives will all still come around each other and film.

    1. Because the the producers will kick them off the show if they don’t film together. Maybe they need to take a new approach like not forcing them to chill together

  2. How are they more mature than the housewives? Do they not throw shade and cut each other down too? And can anyone of them even make these claims when Heavenly is on the show?

  3. What a delusional tweet. The only two people I like are Mariah and Toya. Contessa seems like someone I may up end liking as well. But the majority of this cast isn’t all that likable. Jackie and Simone are super messy (and boring) but like to pretend their sh-t doesn’t stink. Heavenly will say anything to seem interesting. And Quad is always a victim and still pressed about Mariah.

  4. He needs to figure out why he keeps shading the f-ck out of his wife on national television instead of tweeting this bullsh-t.

  5. Yeah Cecil that’s why Bravo keep adding cast members to #Married2Med and changing the day & time the show airs. And I bet a b-tch like Quad would love to be on #RHOA. Boy Bye!

  6. lol y’all are so delusional like seriously, what doctor or doctor wives wants to be a Housewife, with the constant foreclosures, liens, evictions, lawsuits, divorces, and arrest records. NONE and i repeat NONE of these educated women want to hold a peach. Every last housewife needed the show. M2M WOMEN HAVE DEGREES Toya and Quad included. Lol gtfoh

    1. Umm Quad actually said she wants to be on RHOA. The interview was even posted to this blog: https://urbanbellemag.com/2016/12/quad-webb-lunceford-talks-possibly-joining-rhoa-altercation-lisa-nicole-cloud/

      Mariah said she wanted to do it too but pitched her own show when she got turned down.

      I’m not sure what having college degrees has to do with this either. It’s about money. RHOA pays very well. Way more than this show which is struggling to get a million viewers an episode. Also, being a doctor means having lots of student loan debt. Notice how Heavenly struggled to keep her practice open until she started getting income for this show.

      And liens? Evictions? Records? Lawsuits? Divorces? Umm did you forget the fact that Lisa and Toya have a lot of tax debt? It’s why Toya and Eugene had to downsize their home and Eugene has to work so much.

      Jackie is getting a divorce and Quad looks like she will too. Simone is definitely thinking about leaving Cecil because he disrespects her on TV.

      And don’t forget this show popped off after Mariah and Toya got into an actual fight in gowns on season one.

      Quad has an actual criminal record for battery.

      I can go on sis. These women aren’t better than RHOA. They just get paid less to do the same thing which is why most of them would jump on RHOA in a heartbeat. $600,000 to $2 million a season is good money.

      1. Just to piggyback off you, the women on RHOA also get better opportunities outside of the show because it’s very popular. Porsha got Dish Nation, NeNe got booked for a sitcom and broadway, Kandi has a very successful restaurant and s-x toy line. And quite a few of them did the Apprentice too. So it goes to say that most of the women on M2M wouldn’t mind holding a peach. If the Married to Medicine chicks were all doing so well money wise, they wouldn’t be doing the show and exposing their marriage problems to the world. This season hasn’t been a good look for most of them.

  7. I just went back to watching the show after 3 years I will say that this show is more authentic they do seem to get along better and like each other more. RHOA none of these ladies get along and the stories seem forced while they do get payed more it’s all fake

  8. If I didn’t hate Heavenly I wouldn’t watch this one, I’m already sick of Simone crying, he’s mean Girl, we’d be neck for neck being mean to each other. That or kill him with kindness. He about to not have a job, remind him of that. But don’t be crying about it, he ain’t.

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