Mariah Huq Gives Dr. Heavenly a Warning

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the current season of “Married to Medicine,” Mariah Huq and Dr. Heavenly’s feud continues.

After Dr. Heavenly wasn’t successful in getting Mariah’s mother Lucy to forgive her for past comments, Heavenly made it clear that it’s now time to go to war.

Heavenly also felt like Mariah shaded her at her Mother’s Day event.

Well Mariah and Lucy had plenty to say about the latest episode on social media.

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  1. Mariah is reaching. No one needs her for a story line. Heavenly crazy on her own. And I doubt she was trying to fight her mother

  2. I personally think Heavenly acts the way that she does because she wouldn’t be on the show if she didn’t. She’s basically the great value Phaedra. Very messy and evil as hell.

  3. I can’t say if Heavenly was being genuine when she apologized to Lucy however, I do feel it took humility to do it. At the end of the day she did try. Forgiveness is for you mostly; not the other person. So, if Lucy and Mariah want to hold on to their anger and resentment that’s on them. Likewise, for Heavenly you can’t apologize and then come back and say things which are mean and harsh if the person doesn’t accept it. These women’s social skills are lacking in some areas. They should all learn how to resolve conflicts more amenablly and move forward without resentment and let bygones be bygones.

  4. I agree with Mariah Dr. Heavenly I believe don’t get the love and attention she wants. Her daughter seems irritated with her when she speaks to her about adult issues, let that girl be a child! her son seemed irritated as well. Her husband pretty much lets her vent to keep the peace. To be honest Mariah has the strongest marriage out of all the wives.

  5. Heavenly is a jerk and you’re right without being a jerk, she would have no storyline. I am so happy to see Contessa ain’t about taking her crap, I’ve never seen anyone shut her down like she did. She shut the f*ck up like that woman told her too. She’s a frigging bully & childish what 40 year old woman still saying some your mama crap? Her cause she doesn’t really know how to fight with words & now because you wanna say you’re sorry you should be forgiven, man bump you. Quiet as it’s kept your little girl who needs to stay a little girl & she needs to stop trying to draw her into adult situations. It’s not fair, let the kid be a kid.

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