Nipsey Hussle Stands by Anti LGBT Comments

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Rapper Nipsey Hussle has always been one to talk about the black community.

And he does it very often on social media.

However, recent comments made may’ve put him in hot water.

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  1. And this right here is why that writer said that black men are the white men of the black community. They don’t seem to care about equality or the advancement of anyone but themselves, just like white men. It’s really sad to see.

  2. Does he have any clue how many gay black men were driving forces in the Civil Rights Movement? Now had they hated straight black men the way straight black men hate them, they would have been selfish and only fought for themselves. But they didn’t do that because we make more progress as a people when we are united. Nipsey should educate himself and stop learning from other hoteps and YouTube.

  3. I wish Nipsey would shut his fake deep a-s up. If he really gave a sh-t about the black community, he wouldn’t have bashed black women nor would his annoying a-s be a gang member. He’s supposed to be so real but can’t just admit he doesn’t like gay black men. Instead he’s trying to pretend he gives a f-ck about the black community. Bullsh-t.

  4. I agree with him here. Although he is part of the problem, I can see his point. Where is the image of the strong black male role models? It is being replaced with the feminization of the black male. The Lil Uzi verts, the yung thugs. The image is being replaced with a bunch of “straight” black males that wear dresses and nail polish. Can you pretend that this imagery will not affect the young black male and who he mirrors? CAN you pretend that the imagery will not continue to destroy the black family unit. How many black comedians are told to dress in drag for comedy see Madea, Big Momma, Shanaynay etc. How many white actors? Exactly.

    1. Be True, you are so correct! Black heterosexual males are being slammed for their views and asked to accept something that they shouldn’t have to. Society is tailoring everthing to fit homosexuality while heterosexuals want their families to enjoy life mom & pops and children (family) and society is destroying this in the black family unit

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