Ciara Gives Controversial Advice and Gets Dragged (UPDATE)

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is a trending topic on Twitter and a lot of people are not happy with one of her most recent Instagram and Twitter posts.

And what she posted has a lot of people calling her a hypocrite.

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  1. Black women need to wake the hell up and stop buying into white feminism! It is not for us! So now we hate men so much that being a wife isn’t an accomplishment or a good thing? Really?! Being married is a good thing! Having children within a marriage is great! And if that’s not possible, marrying someone who loves your children like their own is a good thing! No one should have to be a single parent. No one! Too many of us are adopting the beliefs of white feminists who don’t give a damn about our struggles. There is nothing wrong with what Ciara posted. Nothing at all!

  2. I’m married and I do understand that newly married women can be annoying. A marriage doesn’t make you as a woman, but it’s not something we should downplay either. Marriage is a beautiful thing when both people respect each other and really meant the vows they said in front of God. I just can’t get with this new movement of downplaying marriage in our community. That’s not something I will ever support.

  3. The same ones dragging her were praising Amber Rose for calling herself a slut proudly. Gotta love these so called black feminists.

  4. My takeaway from the video is that the pastor is saying don’t be out here getting played by these men. Make sure they treat you respect and understand that you are marriage material and someone to be take seriously. Not someone they can play with like a toy.

  5. Have these angry people never heard of the law of attraction? You become what you want to attract. If you want to get married, you behave like a wife and the right man will come and make that a reality. If you want to become wealthy, you have gratitude for what you already have and start acting like you’re wealthy. You want to become a homeowner, you start looking at homes and visualizing what kind of home you want. It’s like all some people want to do is sit on the internet and act like they have absolutely no power in their lives. And anyone who doesn’t have their mindset gets bashed. It’s sad. The fact is Ciara got tired of being treated like trash, so she started valuing herself and the rest is history.

  6. Now if the pastor said they need to go out here and get as much d-ck as possible, they’d love it. Feminism means only one type of woman is supported. And that is the Kim Kardashians, Blac Chynas and Amber Roses of the world.

  7. I don’t get the Russell is a simp or he’s corny..these fuk n-ggas..I guess he should be on that lean,pants hanging off,screwing multiple women,a few kids out here,disrespecting Ciara and totally not giving a fuk about her son…everyone dissing her needs to grow the fuk up

  8. All I see is triggered people. The women are triggered because they hate that they aren’t married so the moment a married woman tells them how to get married or how great married life can be, they get in their feelings and try to drag her. They do the same thing to Ayesha Curry. The men here are triggered because Russell Wilson is a reminder to them that they need to get their lives together. It’s easier to be a Future than it is to be a Russell.

    1. You have the right name because honey you ain’t told nothing but the truth! Only the hurt dogs be hollering. Women feeling bad because they are out here giving away their bodies for free and somebody called them on it. Since the men out here have proven that they are going to continue to disrespect themselves and us it is time that we start, as a whole, respecting ourselves and saying TIMES UP (in my Oprah voice) for all of you men who want to have sex with no strings attached and kids you don’t take care of! They keep talking about white feminism and Black women shouldn’t be buying into it but they are surely buying into the term co-parent which was white created and free love which was also a white creation. Ayesha Curry, Russel Wilson and the now enlightened Ciara are good role models for family. #LevelUp

    2. What you’re saying with those comments however I read all of the comments above and they do have a point there are strippers out here who are in fact married you have former promiscuous women who are married.

      So it’s not about behaving like a what a married woman and a lot of cases it’s just luck. Frank she has made multiple bad decisions when it comes to men she doesn’t have good judgement when it comes to men and just because Russell’s appears to be a good guy doesn’t make himself

  9. I don’t understand this backlash what’s wrong with telling women to level up don’t settle. How people get Ciara said single women need to have a husband to level up I don’t get it that’s not even what she said but here we go with this fake outrage. I’m single and I wasn’t offended at all why would I be all her comment said was stop settling for less and level up.

  10. The older I get, the more it’s clear to me that women really hate women. Why are these women dragging Ciara and her child? Her mentions are disgusting right now.

  11. That one woman wrote an entire book about a 30 second clip. You can’t convince me that she’s not bitter and miserable. Meanwhile Ciara is somewhere sunny and enjoying her vacay with her husband. Some people need to get a life and stop projecting their misery on others.

    1. Thought I was the only one who noticed. She commented like so many times. If only she leveled up and a man wanted her miserable arse she would t have the time ??‍♀️

  12. You have to be very insecure to be upset by that video. And the advice was for women who actually want to get married. If that doesn’t apply to them, then why are they in their feelings? The message wasn’t for them.

  13. I see why this post was off putting. She just got married. Hasnt even been married that long. And here she is giving advice. I think the sermon is open to interpretation. I didnt take it as being a wife is a goal, I saw it as carrying yourself like a queen with or without a man makes you wife material. What man wants a woman who doesnt respect herself. For example if you let him knock you up 3 times but hes just “your boyfriend” why would he marry you?

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