Dr. Heavenly Considering Quitting ‘Married to Medicine?’

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: A.J. Niles

The current season of “Married to Medicine” has been a rather emotional season for the cast and viewers. Many of the couples on the show had some sort of marital drama among them. This drama culminated in the announcement of Dr. Simone and Cecil divorcing at the reunion taping.

Apparently, this stress entangled in the season may be too much for Dr. Heavenly.

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  1. I doubt she’s going anywhere. She’s just shook by the divorces and hoping that energy doesn’t swing her way.

  2. Good. I’ve been waiting for her a-s to go since she got there. She’s the most f-cked up person on the show but no one says sh-t as long as they can use Heavenly to take down Mariah.

  3. She brings trash and ratchetry to the show so I won’t miss her. But I doubt she quits. She’s just in her feelings. Maybe she got dragged at the reunion.

  4. We wouldn’t be that lucky for her to leave, nope ain’t gonna happen. Where else would she speed her venom? I hope and I wish but, she ain’t going nowhere cause if and when she do please take Quad with you…..

  5. Heavenly needs to get put
    off the show. She is sooo messy. She is trash and starts so much stuff with Mariah. That shit she did to Mariah on the Reunion part 2 was trashy and it was childish. She is a poor example as a mother to be raising a daughter. Sometimes the daughter has more sense than her. I would never have her in my mouth.

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