LHHMIA Recap: Bobby Attacks Jeffrey + Young Hollywood Apologizes to Amara

Shay gets attacked from behind.

After being restrained by security while arguing with Chinese Kitty, Shay gets snatched up from behind by her mother Chinese Nicky.

“You think you so f*cking tough…I do this for real! You’re light work.” – Chinese Nicky

Liz goes off on Prince and storms out the venue with Michelle after refusing to let him explain why he was out with Gabby the night before.

Jojo and Amara hang out.

Amara apologizes for leaving Jojo’s grand opening early after seeing Young Hollywood.

Jojo tells Amara that Veronica and Steph said they feel like Amara is being way too sensitive about what Young Hollywood said about her afro.

Jojo also tells Amara that Steph and Hollywood are working together now.

Amara feels like this is shady and Jojo says that she feels like Steph and Veronica aren’t Amara’s real friends.

To get even, Amara tells Jojo that Veronica said Jojo is too “bougie.”

“That’s fake as f*ck.” – Jojo

Jojo plans to check Veronica the next time she sees her.

Pleasure meets with Gabby to discuss all the drama.

Gabby wants an apology from him not speaking to her and she doesn’t think it’s cool that he didn’t tell her about Shay.

Pleasure says that he didn’t feel like it was time to tell Gabby about Shay. Gabby tells him that they almost came to blows at Prince’s fashion show.

She doesn’t feel like she can trust Pleasure anymore.

“I don’t think I can trust you. So who is Prince?” – Pleasure

Gabby says Prince is a friend and Pleasure asks Gabby if she slept with him. She refuses to answer and says it’s not his business.

She tells Pleasure he’s weak and she’s done with him.

Michelle and Malik catch up.

He tells her he’s been spending time with his ex Jeffrey again but he’s still not ready to have a public relationship with a man.

Michelle encourages Malik to hang out with Jeffrey in public. He says he will think about it.

Juju gives some advice to Amara.

Amara drops by Juju’s photo shoot to chat.

She tells Juju about what Young Hollywood said about her afro. Juju says she definitely understands and she is proud of her roots as an Afro Latina.

In a green screen interview, Juju says that she wants Amara to be proud of her identity.

Juju encourages Amara to do a photo shoot with her photographer and rock whatever looks and wigs she chooses.

In a green screen interview, Amara says that she’s not opposed to changing her look but she should be able to do so on her own terms. Not when somebody else tells her to.

Amara plays dress up with the different wigs and poses for pictures.

Shay confronts Pleasure.

They meet to talk about what went down between Shay and Gabby.

Pleasure says Shay has only been in Miami for a few weeks, and she’s already gotten into it with his group members and now Gabby.

He feels she has a temper and Shay feels he’s nothing but a liar.

Pleasure says he never crossed the line with Gabby so he feels Shay is overreacting.

Shay starts crying and says after what happened with Scrappy, she refuses to be played again by Pleasure.

“You making me hate you right now.” – Shay

Pleasure feels guilty but he’s not confident that things will ever get better with Shay.

He ends things with her and says he would love to remain friends. Shay doesn’t want to just be friends and tells him he no longer exists to her.

In a green screen interview, she says it’s messed up he broke things off when she moved to Miami to be with him.

Prince crashes Michelle’s rooftop event.

He feels like Michelle brought the drama to his fashion show so he goes to her event to confront her.

“You’re rude. You shouldn’t be here at my event.” – Michelle

Michelle tells Prince he needs to leave.

Prince refuses to leave and tells Michelle she ruined his event. Michelle says that is on Liz and Shay because they decided to show out after she left them to mingle.

He leaves but he’s determined to get even later.

Amara gets an apology from Young Hollywood.

She has a viewing in an art gallery for her recent photo shoot. Jojo invites Young Hollywood, Steph and Veronica to the event.

Veronica doesn’t show because she had to work.

But Steph and Hollywood arrive.

Juju unveils the photos and both are shocked.

“Is that Amara?” – Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood says that he prefers Amara in a blonde wig and she’s the complete package without the afro.

Amara shows up to the event with a straight wig with blonde highlights. She confronts both.

She calls out Steph and says she’s a fake friend for working with Hollywood. Steph says it’s not a big deal and she was just trying to advance her career.

At this point, Juju gets upset and goes off on Hollywood about colorism.

“You’re going to play that card?” – Young Hollywood

He gets fed up and leaves.

Amara and Steph finally hear each other out and Steph tells Amara that she understands how she feels as a Haitian American woman.

In a green screen interview, Steph says she wants Amara to always be proud of her blackness.

“We’re one in the same.” – Steph

Young Hollywood comes back inside and pulls Amara to the side to talk again.

He tells her he wants to apologize and he feels he was wrong to offend her.

He admits that he says things that come out wrong all the time.

Amara says he should have done this to from the get go and she appreciates this apology. They hug and agree to end their feud.

In a green screen interview, she says she hopes he’s now learned from the situation. She is glad the drama is over.

Bobby goes off on Jeffrey.

Malik and Jeffrey attend Prince’s pool party together.

Prince greets them and Malik introduces Jeffrey as just a friend. He gets annoyed when Prince points out all the single ladies to Malik.

At this point, Jeffrey kind of wishes he was with Bobby since he’s not in the closet.

Malik tells Jeffrey that they have been hanging out a lot for the last three days, and he wants to be serious again.

Bobby comes storming into the party and says he saw that Jeffrey was there on SnapChat.

Bobby  confronts both and starts arguing with Jeffrey. He then slaps him.

Security intervenes and Jeffrey gets fired up.

Both Bobby and Jeffrey fall onto the ground as Prince looks on confused.

Jeffrey is heated and starts yelling at the camera crew.

“Stay the f*ck away from me! I’m serious! I’m not f*cking playing with you!” – Jeffrey

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  1. I’ll admit I never watched any of those juju/camron podcasts or videos but where did that spanich accent come from? Never heard it in new york

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