Porsha Williams Fires Back at Kandi Burruss

Porsha Williams is just not feeling the way Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker tried to play her at Kandi’s Essence cover party.

She addressed the situation on Dish Nation hours ago.

Here’s what she had to say:

For me, I accepted the invitation because you know if you’re trying to get to a better place with somebody and they invite you somewhere, especially something special like this, I felt like I needed to go to show my support as an effort towards doing better in our relationship.

And once I got there, I was still kinda like, ‘Okay, it’s going to be a little awkward.’

But then watching the show last night, I was like this girl is so petty. Like it was just like beyond pathetic, beyond classless. It was ridiculous.

I wish I hadn’t gone, I’ll tell you that much!

When I looked at it, I was like damn. And plus, I didn’t know she was giving the invitation begrudgingly. Like, ‘Oh, I’ma invite her so she can see what winning looks like.’

Like baby, you’re not the only one getting blessed, honey. And I already thought that she thought she was better than me and better than other people, and now I see it. That’s not humble, sweetie. Check your attitude.

I know exactly what winning looks like. This is it right here. Blessed and highly favored.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Yas get her Porsha! Kandi is really irking the entire ph*** out of me this season. She really acts like she’s the only successful person on RHOA. I’m over her and her whole entire crew.

  2. Kandi has been getting dragged since Sunday night. She is really losing favor with the viewers and she needs to revaluate. She used to be likable. Now she’s so full of herself.

  3. Porsha is out here working just like Kandi is. Kandi knows this too but she’s so desperate to throw shade that she’s playing dumb. Her and Todd made themselves look real petty.

  4. Not one lie told. NeNe tried to tell people about Kandi. But they swore she was hating. Kandi really thinks she’s better than everyone else and swears she’s the only one with hustle and drive. But she ain’t never been the only one getting money.

  5. She’s right. Just because someone isn’t making as much money as you doesn’t mean they aren’t making money and being successful in their own right. But this is where humility comes in and some just don’t have that. Anyway, it was very distasteful and childish of Kandi to invite Porsha to her event just to show out.

  6. I don’t like Porsha but I agree Kandi and Todd was being very petty. At some point, you have to let stuff go.

  7. What Todd did was unnecessary and petty on level 1000, however, I’m not buying any of Porsha’s bullsh-t. Had the lie never came out and Phaedra was still on the show, she would’ve been shady af! Don’t try & have a pity party now that you no longer have your partner in crime. She brought all this on herself!

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