Tami Roman Returns to ‘Basketball Wives’

The Blast is reporting that Tami Roman received a new deal to re-join the “Basketball Wives” cast. This alleged new deal will give Tami an expanded role at the network outside from the show.

The Blast writes:

As The Blast first reported, Roman had decided she was done with the reality show and would not be returning for the next season. We’re told she wanted to branch out and explore other opportunities.

But sources close to Roman tell us producers came back and offered her a new deal she could not refuse. We’re told the offer included options for other opportunities and projects at VH1 aside from “Basketball Wives.”

The new season begins filming later this week and Tami will be joined by series stars Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams.

Sources close to production tell The Blast that producers are in talks to lock down Byron Scott’s girlfriend, Cecilia Gutierrez, along with the NBA legend’s son Thomas’ wife, Kristen Scott. Thomas is a former Lakers assistant coach.

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  1. I figured it was all about her getting more money. But truth be told, she wasn’t all that interesting last season. It was all about Evelyn vs. Jackie.

    1. Agreed. Tami didn’t bring anything to the show last season besides hating on Evelyn on Twitter and in confessionals while smiling in her face in person.

  2. It jus needs to be canceled already. No One wanted to Watch the Miami show which is why it was canceled and sponsors pulled out. LA was the reason why the show survived. People wanted to see younger chicks and actual basketball wives. Not groupies and finances

  3. Where was she going for real, like Bambi said, she’s been on every show out there and she hasn’t been in made for t movies lately. People eat everyday, and i agree she didn’t do anything last season, it was all dumb arse Jackie. Not her lame arse again………

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