Mo’Nique Shoots Down Gossip That She Was Originally Offered $3 Million from Netflix

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Mo’Nique is currently facing an uphill battle in her quest to get her fans and social media followers to boycott Netflix on the basis of pay inequality for African-American Women.

She’s recently responded to Charlamagne Tha God and Steve Harvey for their comments against her cause. Now she’s going after those who said she actually walked away from a $3 million dollar Netflix deal. And she’s providing receipts.

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  1. Okay. She didn’t lie. But I just don’t like her or her husband. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a point, I just don’t care. And that’s just me being real.

  2. Monique probably would have taken $3 million if she was offered it. No shade, just facts. $500,000 was disrespectful no matter how you slice it.

  3. That $3 million story didn’t even make sense. First of all, why would Netflix talk to an Instagram blog? They didn’t even respond when Amy blasted them for not paying her as much as Dave and Chris. I’m kind of surprised people actually believed it. Plus people should have known what time it was when MTO ran with it too. Netflix doesn’t even respond when people come for them over money. It’s not a good look for them as a business. And if Wanda Sykes who I feel is more well known than Mo’Nique only got offered $200,000, why is it hard to believe Mo’Nique only got $500,000?

  4. It’s messed up that someone would lie on her like that. The venom she’s been receiving has just been really…weird.

  5. The comments on the gram are pathetic. So Monique has to prove that she wasn’t offered $3 million but the blog/person who came up with this doesn’t have to show receipts that she was? They just lie and say a source from Netflix told them so and everyone is like, “I believe it!” Wow. We have really become an intellectually lazy society. It’s like we are unable to think about things objectively and analyze things completely. If we don’t like someone, we can’t separate that from logic and facts. I don’t care for Monique, but I do feel she has a point that’s being overlooked because it’s easier to just write off what someone is saying because you don’t like them. I think that’s immature and as adults, we should do better than that. I agree that she should be paid fairly, and my feelings about her and her husband won’t get in the way of that.

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