LHHNY Reunion Season 8 Tea

Photo Credit: VH1

The “Love and Hip Hop New York” reunion wrapped up filming earlier this week, and for the most part, it was largely uneventful.

Apparently it lacked drama and wasn’t nearly as messy as last season’s reunion.

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  1. Terrible season. This is what Mona gets for letting her favorite Yandy pressure her to fire those other baby mamas. The show was litty last season with them on there.

  2. I think even mona knew she could not continue that baby mama drama because it got old real fast the whole show needs to be scrapped just cancel it!

  3. The whole setup of LHH gets old very fast. The storylines are repeating, just with different people on different shows. We’ve seen multiple love triangles, affairs, gay men fighting, music artists with no chance filming in the studio like they are the second coming of Rihanna/Beyonce…I mean there’s not much more they can do. Miami is slightly interesting because what Amara is bringing to the show is fresh. Mona needs to sit down and think about what new situations can she bring on her shows. People are getting bored.

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