‘The Queens Court’ Co-Hosts Khia & TS Madison Argue During Mo’Nique Interview + Tears Follow

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By: A.J. Niles

Last night, “The Queens Court” had Mo’Nique for a surprise interview to explain her reasoning behind her efforts to boycott Netflix and respond to critics.

However, due to technical difficulties, the interview ended before it could ever fully begin. This also resulted in Mo’ playing a mediator between the hosts as they argued.

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  1. Saw this when it went down and Khia is wrong for how she did Madison. She lacks professionalism and the whole situation was hard to watch.

  2. It was tough to hear Maddy crying. I don’t know how she’s going to keep dealing wth Khia after that because I would be done.

  3. I think this is foreshadowing what will happen when their show gets even bigger. Khia will have a breakdown because she enjoys sabotaging herself. She’s the original Azealia Banks.

  4. They get views from bashing other people including pregnant women who are minding their business. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  5. I think the writing is on the wall. This show will not last because Khia lacks the drive and she’s very unprofessional. You don’t walk off during a live taping because things aren’t going the way you want them to. Maddie seems like a very sweet person but there’s no way this show can last if Khia refuses to be professional. Khia may have been content drinking in Maddie’s living room talking trash about successful people but Maddie clearly wants more and should. Interviewing Mo’Nique was a missed opportunity that would have gotten them a lot more views.

  6. I think Khia was scared of MoNique. I always believed she was all mouth. She couldn’t wait to run away from that interview.

    1. This is what I’m thinking as well because this ain’t the first time they have had production issues. I can’t even think of a time that the show has ever started on time. But now starting late is an issue for Khia? Besides, they could have just rescheduled the interview for another day, and just went on with what was left on the docket. But Khia insisted on leaving and told Madison she should interview Monique by herself. The issue was not technical issues. The issue is Khia didn’t want to do that interview and I’m sure it’s because she knows Mo’Nique would have confronted her about all the trash she said the previous week.

  7. Khia has all that mouth but wasn’t ready to pop that sh-t to Mo”Nique when it came down to it. I’m not surprised her hater a-s is scary.

  8. Maddie said she paid $2000 of her own money to take the show to the next level and hire production. Khia didn’t contribute not one dime and she wasn’t at Maddie’s house all afternoon trying to set things up for the show. So she is dead wrong to leave the way she did. And yes I’m starting to think Mo’Nique had her shook. She has a big mouth but Mo’Nique’s is much bigger and she knows that. Khia is talking big and bad about Mo’Nique on the gram but ain’t have not one word of that courage when she was on the phone last night.

    1. Yeah Khia is a punk. I would think she’d be waiting to get at Mo’Nique but she was too shook to even say hello. Now she’s lying and saying she cursed Mo’Nique out on the phone and we just didn’t hear it. Meanwhile, Mo’Nique recorded everything up until Khia ran out like she saw a ghost and Khia said absolutely nothing reckless to Mo’Nique. LOL.

  9. Madison is cut out for this and Khia is not. People don’t understand Khia is used to facing a camera and talking/venting to herself. She doesn’t know how to conduct interviews or connect with people like Madison. She’s literally been blocking people on Instagram all day long. She can dish it but she can’t take it. Wendy and Charlemagne may annoy me, but they can take it when they get it back. Khia’s skin isn’t thick enough nor is she professional enough for this show to last.

    1. They won’t. And if they do, Khia will be the one to mess it up for them. I didn’t realize how overly sensitive she is until now. Sis can’t take any kind of criticism or pressure and that’s interesting since has no chill when it comes to everyone else.

  10. Dang this was so janky. Khia should have known better. She’s way too sensitive considering how much junk she talks about everyone else.

  11. So let me get this straight..you get an actual Oscar winner to agree to do an interview with your up and coming show, and you drop the ball because the “energy” wasn’t right? Khia is such an immature and overly sensitive brat. She really isn’t cut out for any of this. You can’t get to where Wendy Williams and Charlemagne are doing what Khia did. Say what you want about Wendy, but she passed out on TV and came back after the commercial break like a pro. She didn’t cut the show short either. That’s show business. The show must always go on. The only one who gets that is Madison.

  12. Didn’t Khia go in on MoNique last week? Hmm…let me find out Khia really ain’t bout that life. Thug misses? Hardly.

  13. Who created the Queen’s court. Khia is saying she wouldn’t leave a show she created? so i’m confused. Didn’t maddie invite her on to the show. can someone clear this up?

    1. I think Madison came up with it and then hit up Khia to cohost. The thing I’m seeing is Khia lies a lot. Like the truth ain’t in her. She wants to make it seem like she’s the star but Maddie had a bigger following than Khia before the show. People never liked Khia because she’s always been a miserable c-nt who likes to talk mess about successful people. Add Maddie to the mix and people have learned how to tolerate and even somewhat like Khia.

  14. It’s so weird to see some people trying to defend what Khia did. Now if any of us in the real world walked off from our jobs when we had some technical difficulties, we’d get fired. And if this show was picked up by a network and Khia pulled this same stunt, she’d be fired. And Khia can dish it but can’t take it. When callers call and disagree with her, she talks over them and hangs up on them. She’s very thin skinned.

    1. The only people defending Khia are the people who are just like her…unprofessional. She needs to get over herself.

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