Yara Shahidi Responds to ‘Grown-ish’ Criticisms

This past Wednesday, fans of “Grown-ish” tuned in to watch Zoe, played by Yara Shahidi, surprisingly lose her v*rginity to her boyfriend on the show. There were many of those who feel that the show moved surprisingly fast for this to have happened.

As a result, there were many fans who turned to social media to express this criticism.

One of the tweets caught the eye of Yara. This fan apparently feels that Zoe is moving way too fast, but apparently missed the time jump in the show.

Yara responded to the critic, telling them to keep up.

Check out the tweet below.

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  1. I mean I figured it was a time jump. And it’s normal for a v-rgin to lose it their first few months in college. That first year of freedom is a trip.

    1. Seriously meanwhile their kids lost their V-rginity in Middle School. A grown WOMAN in COLLEGE losing her v-rginity IS the normal.

  2. I love this show it is realistic and for people that are complaining about her losing her v-rginity that’s life and how some women lose their v-rginity. Honestly that’s how I did first year in college fell for a dude a couple months later I was no longer a v-rgin so I can definitely relate I’m not ashamed.

  3. I didn’t think this was a big deal. It’s not like she came to the school and slept with four different guys already. Plus she was in a relationship when she lost it.

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