Kandi Burruss is Upset with Mama Joyce over Conversation She Had with Porsha Williams

Kandi Burruss is disappointed in Mama Joyce’s recent conversation with Porsha Williams.

She doesn’t like the fact that Mama Joyce had the conversation behind her back, plus she’s also not happy about some of the comments she made about Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker.

During the conversation, Mama Joyce expressed that she didn’t like the fact that Phaedra Parks set Kandi up with Todd. She feels Phaedra should have at least hooked Kandi up with an attorney or a man with some other high-profile career.

When Porsha pointed out that things ended up working out for Kandi and Todd, Mama Joyce said that Kandi “turned lemons into lemonade.”

This did not sit well with Kandi.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog post:

BravoTV.com: What did you think of Mama Joyce’s sit down with Porsha?

Kandi Burruss: I didn’t like that she went to meet with Porsha behind my back, but more than that, I was disappointed that my mom said negative things about Todd while she was there.

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  1. Joyce be doing too damn much to be so old. She gonna run up on one of those young, disrespectful, looking for that 15 min of fame person that’s gonna pop her a-s. Also, the way she talks sh*t about Todd, where her husband at?

  2. Why did Mama Joyce expect Phaedra to hook Kandi up with a successful career man when Phaedra herself married a criminal? *giggles*

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