TS Madison Shades Khia + Khia Says She’s Done With ‘The Queens Court’

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By: A.J. Niles

Fans of “The Queens Court” are still reeling after the announced hiatus of the show after Khia and Ts Madison’s attempt at interviewing Mo’Nique was a complete disaster.

Since both have explained their opinions on the controversy in two separate videos, now it appears that the possibility of the show continuing with both next month may not be happening.

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  1. I hope Maddie learns a lesson from all of this. Some people you just can’t go in business with. Khia is not someone you can ever fully trust or depend on. The fact that she didn’t even want to invest any money into the show and sat back and let Maddie do all the funding says it all. And Maddie doesn’t need to work wth Funky Dineva either. Just let the whole damn show die. It was a bad look for everyone. People want to be Wendy so bad but even Wendy had to tone it down when she got her TV show.

    1. Yeah that’s just not going to happen. Khia is just too stubborn but after what she sad about Mo’Nique, I don’t plan on watching the show if she’s back on it anyway.

  2. This show is dead. They won’t come back from this because it was never going to work long term anyway. When your whole show is based off you saying the most disgusting things about people for a few laughs here and there, eventually it was going to be hard for them to even go out in public anywhere. I do think someone is going to go upside Khia’s head one day and it will be all over the media when it happens. It’s best Maddie separates herself from the inevitable while she still can.

  3. I’d say all of this is just karma doing what she does best. Khia is foul and says some really evil things. You can’t win when you play dirty. Like someone Anonymous said, even Wendy has calmed down. If she acted the same way she did on her radio show on her TV show, she would not have survived.

  4. They handled everything all wrong. When you have an issue with someone you work with, you need to handle t offline. Talk it out behind the scenes and let no one see you at odds. Khia started this by walking out on Maddie during a live show. But both of them definitely made another wrong turn by making separate videos to throw the other under a bus.

  5. I can’t believe people were getting their life to this trashy show. It’s nothing funny about watching a black woman totally tear down and demean other black women. Madison ought to be ashamed for helping Khia promote her toxicity to the world. She needed to stay under the rock she has been under all this time.

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