After Latest RHOA Episode, Eva Marcille & Shamea Morton Beef on Social Media

While last night’s episode of RHOA seemed to focus plenty on NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak’s latest fallout, another beef is brewing.

Eva Marcille is new to the group, and Shamea Morton may have rubbed her the wrong way after she asked Eva if she ever dated Missy Elliott.

It all started after Eva opened up about her fiance Michael Sterling, and claimed that Michael has been very accepting of her daughter since she feels her baby daddy Kevin McCall is someone she labels as nothing but a “sp*rm donor.”

Shamea then asked Eva if Michael was also accepting of the fact that she is attracted to women, and then asked if Eva ever dated Missy Elliott.

Eva denied being into women and dating Missy.

She also tweeted the following last night (read from bottom to top):

Shamea clapped back with the following:

And both had more to say to Bravo as well:

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  1. Nothing annoys me more than a person who intends to be messy pretending like they weren’t trying to be messy. Shamea knows what she was doing.

    1. LOL what pot did Shamea stir with Kenya? All she did was point out how rude and hostile Kenya was being during community service. And the same day she ended up dragging her so called bestie Cynthia and producers who had nothing to do with anything. Y’all place blame everywhere except where it actually belongs.

  2. Well tbh Shamea and Eva are both thirsty for a peach. That’s why Eva came on exposing Will. And Shamea came in trying to stir the pot and go at Phaedra last season.

  3. Sh-t I see both sides. Shamea is thirsty as f-ck for a peach. That sh-t ain’t a secret. But Eva came on the show exposing Will. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it. It’s only going to get worse from here. Eva needs to figure out if she’s cut out for this sh-t or not.

  4. I mean you have to call a spade a spade. Shamea was trying to cause drama because she’s under pressure to get a peach. But she can’t get it if she’s not caught up in some drama. I mean Eva understands this because she’s pretty much doing the same thing with Will and Cynthia. It is what it is.

  5. I knew Eva and Shamea were going to butt heads. But Eva needs to keep it 100 and remember she’s trying to get a peach just like Shamea is. You can’t shade someone for doing the exact same thing you’re trying to do. But I’d be here for both of them getting peaches. They bring the drama. Hell give Marlo one too.

  6. Well, Eva handled that mess & good for her. Shamea looked just like what she was trying to cause, a mess. There are ways to do most things and asking the sex life of someone you just met, in a crowd of people can bring a lot of things including a can of whoop arse. Good for Eva.

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