LHHMIA Recap: Veronica Accuses Amara of Wearing Extensions + Pleasure & Baby Blue Clash

Keyara has reached her breaking point.

Keyara doesn’t want to deal with Gunplay while he’s back on drugs. She wants to move forward and goes to Chinese Nicky and Chinese Kitty for advice.

Keyara tells them about their blowup at his music video shoot.

In a green screen interview, Keyara says she hasn’t spoken to Gunplay since the blowup. She loves him, so she doesn’t want to end the relationship.

Chinese Nicky says Keyara needs to move on because the relationship is toxic. Kitty agrees and says things will only get worse in the relationship. She recalls being in the same situation in her past and starts crying while discussing it.

“My life didn’t really get better until I got away from that person.” – Chinese Kitty

Joy has an idea.

Trina gets her own day in Miami for all her charitable endeavors in the city.

She’s really touched by this.

Joy attends to show support.

After they leave the event, they discuss Trick and Joy’s split.

Joy tells Trina that Trick is even willing to pay her legal fees.

Both agree they need to make sure that Trick won’t change his mind later, something he does often.

Joy is also happy that she can now date other people and she wants to go on a double date with Trina.

Trina doesn’t like blind dates but Joy assures her that it’s a good idea. The guy she wants Trina to date is Raymond.

Trina says they have been friends for years but she’s not so sure about being romantic with a friend.

Despite being nervous about it, Trina agrees to go on the date.

Jojo is under a lot of stress from her parent’s legal battle.

They are in the middle of a divorce but Jojo is being forced to testify that her dad should pay her mother’s legal fees.

She doesn’t want to testify against her dad.

Her mother tells her all she has to do is tell the truth.

If Jojo doesn’t testify, then she won’t get any money.

“You need to do the right thing.” – Jojo’s mom

Jojo feels her mother doesn’t care that subpoenaing Jojo puts her boutique in jeopardy. She’s angry about this.

Jojo’s mother says Jojo’s brother has agreed to testify so she can’t understand why Jojo doesn’t want to testify too.

“You’re selfish.” – Jojo

Jojo ends the conversation and makes it clear that she’s going to get in touch with her own attorney.

Veronica has a new passion.

Veronica puts together a group of non athletic bike riders to ride all the way to Atlanta. She says the goal is to help people build their self esteem and learn how to work as a team.

“Nothing is easy about this trip.” – Veronica

After they cross the finish line, Veronica feels really proud.

Baby Blue and Shay collaborate.

He asked her to model for a lingerie brand he is a marketer for.

She obliges and he attends her photo shoot. He tells her he’s been doing a lot of marketing and branding for multiple companies.

Shay tells him about her fitness line and she’d love him to help her market it. He agrees to this.

She brings up that she’s not on good terms with Pleasure P and they actually broke up.

In a green screen interview, Baby Blue says he will still work with her despite her no longer being with Pleasure.

He playfully tries to hit on her and fails.

Trina and Joy go on a double date.

Turns out Joy is on a date with Pleasure P, who is now single.

“We’ve always had a good time as friends.” – Pleasure

Joy tells Pleasure she saw Shay and Scrappy hanging out together in a club recently.

Trina and Raymond show up and Trina is surprised to see Joy there with Pleasure.

Trina says Raymond is like her best friend and it’s obvious the attraction is there between them.

“Don’t nobody got her back like I do.” – Raymond

Gunplay gets some advice from Rick Ross.

They meet in Atlanta to talk about Gunplay’s career.

He tells Rick Ross that he relapsed.

Rick Ross tells Gunplay that it’s time for him to be a leader and an example because people are counting on him.

“Lot of people depend on you.” – Rick Ross

Jojo meets with her father.

They meet up for lunch after he says he has something important to talk about. He tells Jojo that her brother testified against him.

He’s really angry about this.

So he tells her to testify against her mother and he will then give her his business.

Jojo doesn’t want to do this.

“You want me to think with my head and not my heart. That’s mom and she needs me.” – Jojo

“It’s very easy…be careful, my love.” – Jojo’s dad

He then gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Veronica is rethinking her music career.

Veronica says that her bike event was an eye opener for her. She realizes that she lost sight of who she is and who she wants to be.

“I don’t even know if I want to do music.” – Veronica

She says she wants to change people’s lives but she needs to change more.

She also wants to figure things out with Amara but she’s not so sure they can have a peaceful conversation.

Baby Blue and Pleasure P clash.

Shay hangs out wit Baby Blue in the studio. He’s been helping her with her business.

She brings by her logo and a flyer.

“This is incredible.” – Baby Blue

He’s going to get her flyers out in the streets after contacting a distributer.

Pleasure P arrives and Shay asks why Blue didn’t tell her Pleasure was coming.

Shay and Pleasure exchange some words.

Baby Blue trues to diffuse the situation and says Pleasure is hours early.

Pleasure then says Shay has been hanging out with Scrappy. But Shay goes off and reminds him he was messing around with Gabby while they were together.

She also knows he was with Joy the other day as well.

Shay gets angry and leaves the studio.

Pleasure then asks Baby Blue why he’s working with Shay.

“Your loyalty’s with money?”- Pleasure

Baby Blue says it’s just business and Pleasure calls him thirsty.

Baby Blue says he can work without whoever he wants.

Pleasure says it was a disloyal thing to do.

After Baby Blue once again says it’s just business, Pleasure says Pretty Ricky is just business now too.

“Some brotherhood.” – Pleasure

It’s the day of Jojo’s court date.

Jojo says it’s the hardest day of her life because she may have to choose a side. She’s emotional as she walks in the courthouse.

Amara and Veronica almost come to blows, again.

Steph, Amara and Veronica meet up at a networking event.

Firstly, Steph wants Amara and Veronica to talk things out. Veronica isn’t thrilled but decides to participate.

Veronica then asks Amara what she told Jojo and Amara said she told Jojo that Veronica is fake.

Young Hollywood then shows up and speaks to Amara. As they greet each other, Veronica and Steph ask if she and Hollywood are on a date.

Amara denies this and says they are just working together. This angers Veronica since Amara called her out for working with Hollywood recently.

“At the end of the day, you’re just a b*tch who wants fame.” – Veronica

Amara and Veronica then start arguing. Veronica says Amara is the fake one and she says that she has been wearing an afro wig.

“That afro is a fake a*s Party City wig!” – Veronica

This angers Amara who lounges at Veronica and security intervenes.

In a green screen interview, Amara says that although she does wear extensions, it’s hypocritical for Veronica to come at her because Veronica is not a natural blonde and Amara feels she should be able to do whatever she wants with her hair like everyone else.

As both are restrained, Young Hollywood tells Veronica that she’s too pretty to be so upset and that’s why Amara jumped at her.

Finally, everyone leaves angry while Hollywood is left by himself to process all the drama.


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  1. Why is it that everyone else can wear extensions/wigs/weaves/dye their hair except black women? I can’t stand Veronica. The nerve of her calling Amara fake with that blonde dye in her hair and all the ish she talks about everyone behind their backs.

  2. Young Hollywood is showing his prejudice yet again. So it’s cool for Veronica to show anger, raise her voice and insult Amara but when Amara shows anger and gets loud too, she’s the loud and uncouth black girl who’s just jealous of the white latina. So typical.

    1. what’s a white a Latina and what does it mean to be one? i mean you’re still Latina that doesn’t change so who cares, oh a white Latina. And one that dyes her hair blond meaning fake and she’s got the nerve to talk about someone wearing a wig, what is she trying to prove with dyed blond hair, you ain’t no white girl, punta.

  3. Veronica ain’t sh-t. Each episode her bitterness and jealousy of Amara becomes harder for her to hide. How can she talk sh-t about someone else wearing extensions when her a-s wears extensions too? I guess that’s not an issue when you’re not a black woman right? FOH.

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