‘The Queens Court’ Star TS Madison Blasts Khia for Ruining Major TV Deals

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

After last night, the relationship between “The Queens Court” stars TS Madison and Khia may be irreparable.

Khia went on her Instagram Live hours ago, accusing Madison of stealing the name and show from her by trademarking it, apparently without her knowledge.

However, Maddie not only provided receipts claiming this to be false, she provides proof that big names, including Nicki Minaj and Will Packer, were looking to bring the show to TV, but Khia ruined those chances.

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  1. I mean is anyone surprised? Khia loves to self sabotage. I knew things would go left after Maddie decided to start working with her. Khia has had some major opportunities in the past and ruined every single one of them. I haven’t liked her since she crossed Janet Jackson.

  2. This imploded so fast. This is why you can’t work with everyone. And if Maddie had the bigger following, she basically helped Khia elevate for free and played herself. She should treat this as a lesson learned and stop trying to talk Khia into returning. Maddie doesn’t need her anyway. She has other projects anyway. Let this show die or find a more professional co-host.

  3. So in a nutshell, Maddie wanted to make real money and have a real show and Khia would prefer to sit on her couch and do this for free or peanuts here and there. Sounds about right.

  4. Listen out here in the real world there are two kinds of people. The person who wants to exceed and excel in life. And the person who wants the bare minimum because having more requires more work. Maddie came from nothing and worked to get where she is. She took a risk in teaming up with Khia because Khia is someone who doesn’t want to be successful. Most sane people would clean their act up when money and deals are on the line. Khia is willingly sabotaging herself and now Maddie. That’s really messed up.

  5. Karma came quickly. You can’t win when you play dirty. Anything Khia touches will fail because she’s an evil person who will say some of the most foul things because she’s miserable and jealous of all the people she goes after. I do like Maddie but she needs to cut Khia off and move on. She’s looking foolish now going back and forth with a compulsive liar like Khia.

  6. lmao at all the people who are Team Khia..how the hell do you stan turning down real money and an opportunity to go from Maddie’s living room to TV???

  7. Khia’s live only had like 5000 people. Maddie’s live had about 18,000. Khia isn’t trending on Twitter but Maddie is. The numbers don’t lie. Khia needed this. Not Maddie.

  8. Maddie is ruining her own brand by continuing to entertain this mess. And telling people about those contracts and deals that didn’t happen may also not be a good move for her either. Now people may hesitate even approaching her. You don’t stoop down to Khia’s level when you had more success than she did in the first place. I hope this is the last response video Maddie makes. She is hurting her own brand now.

  9. Khia has a hood rat mentality. No offense just saying she doesn’t really believe in the glow up. That’s just how some people are. They don’t like change because it’s uncomfortable. She knows the glow up would have required way more work and investing in herself. That’s not what she wanted to do. I think Maddie will replace Khia when it’s all said and done and the show will be even more successful.

    1. This. Some of us just don’t want to elevate. And I’m not limiting this to black people. Khia should have stayed under the rock she’s been under for the last 15 years. She did not appreciate anything Maddie did for them.

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