Mo’Nique Reads Charlamagne Tha God During Breakfast Club Interview

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By: A.J. Niles

Mo’Nique‘s Netflix Boycott has been met by plenty of dissent from many inside and outside the entertainment industry. Some of the dissenting commentary about the boycott request came from Charlamagne Tha God. This included Charlamagne giving Mo “Donkey of the Day” for her Netflix boycott call.

Mo’Nique openly wondered why he gave her this title previously on her podcast with her husband Sidney. Well, recently, Mo had the opportunity to ask him this to his face.

She was in “The Breakfast Club” for an interview earlier today.

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  1. Viola just said the other day that despite winning all these awards, she still doesn’t make anywhere near her white peers. So it’s not like people don’t know Mo is making great points, they just don’t want to hear it because they don’t like her or her husband. I mean Envy and Charlamagne even said during this interview that they agree that she was offered pennies and she deserves more.

    1. That’s exactly what it comes down to. They do not like Mo or Sidney. So they don’t want to listen to the message coming from her. No one blinked an eye at what Viola said because they like her. It is what it is. We will never get ahead like this.

  2. Charlamagne likes who he is paid to like…Cardi, Tiffany Haddish, Remy, etc. It’s all politics. But people have to be smart enough to read between the lines. Don’t let The Breakfast Club tell you how to think. They are puppets. White supremacy affects us all but black women suffer the most. What Dave and Chris are doing will never be done by a black woman because we’re too busy tearing each other down over dumb sh-t.

  3. She’s wasting her time. Black women are expected to accept less and just be happy to sit at the table. That’s why when black women like Oprah get in powerful positions, they do nothing to advance the rest of us. They keep it business as usual. That’s why I roll my eyes at people who praise Oprah. She’s a white woman in a black woman’s body. She shaded BLM but hopped on this school shooting movement fast because it’s being led by white kids. But yes, please run for president O! So annoying. We need to wake up asap.

  4. Monique has exposed some of the big black players in the business. That means 99% of black media is going to destroy her and side with the black power players. Meanwhile, Viola Davis just said that she ain’t making money like that. She has an Oscar, Golden Globes and Emmy I believe. Octavia Spencer just said a few weeks ago that she doesn’t make money like that and she won an Oscar. I’m sure Taraji and etc are in the same boat. But it will remain business as usual because the black power players who could actually shake the table and change things don’t want things to change either, just like the white executives. But Charlamagne doesn’t care. His whole goal is to be the male Wendy Williams. They get paid to be loud, dumb, wrong and self hating.

  5. While I agree that Netflix did her dirty, I do wonder what the end game is. What’s next for her because she can’t promote this beef forever. She needs to line up some work if she hasn’t already. Use this publicity to make some money somewhere else.

  6. Woopie was Correct she was to complete her job and promote that movie Everybody has to from Will Smith, Angeline Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tyler Perry And all cast travel to promote their movies, she should have called a legend to find out what she should have done!! Her family suffering is her and her husband fault.

    1. 1st of all she’s only obligated to do what is in her contract. She was paid pennies for a hit movie. She was only given $50,000. So once she has done everything that was in her contract… She should not have been expected to do more. All of those other “legends” that you mention get paid millions for their movies so I’m sure they have no problem with doing free promotion. Black women especially have to learn to stop accepting certain treatment in the workplace and being told you have to do certain things for free because that is not the case

  7. She was mad about being Donkey Of The Day. Anyway, she told no lies about Charlamagne. He is always coming at black women but pretends to be pro black. And I’ll never forget how him and Envy did Amara. It’s scary that this show is so problematic yet the most popular.

  8. F-ck Charlamagne. I’ll never forgive his a-s for giving that white racist airhead a cosign and then telling black women activists they need to step up and get on her level. Posing in pictures with her like a straight up c–n.

  9. Not gonna lie. This whole situation has me looking at my people a lot differently. Why are so many of us outraged that a black woman is speaking up for herself? That’s really disturbing and makes me think we are okay with white supremacy because we’re not doing anything to change it besides a few hashtags here and there. When someone decides to call it out, we tell them to shut up because they should be thankful they get anything at all. It’s like the only people allowed to do well are black men. And people really need to do their research before they bring up Tiffany Haddish, Ava and Shonda. NONE of them are making anything close to their white peers. Read all the numbers before you use them as a means to shut up Mo. Yet we’re supposed to be happy about what Dave and Chris do when black women are still getting pennies? I’m over it.

  10. Yeah I still don’t like Monique. She’s very passive aggressive but I do appreciate her gathering Charlemagne’s ignorant a-s. But she can still have a seat with her “daddy.”

  11. You can tell Monique came to check Charlamagne. And that she did so effortlessly. But he’s not going to change. He will continue to be tone deaf about the struggles of black women, but playing dumb about it because he stans for a few.

  12. A lot of people have no idea how harmful people like Charlamagne and Wendy are to the black community. But I hope one day they will.

  13. This will turn out like the Dame interview. People laughed at him and called them crazy, then realized a year later that he dropped some jewels. Monique will get the last laugh some years from now. Remember when we called Dave crazy for walking away from Comedy Central? Yeah. We don’t do a good job at judging situations at first.

  14. MoNique will get the last laugh years from now. Whenever you see a whole lot of people gang up on one person, things usually work out for them in the end. And the people who were on top at the time who laughed at them and mocked them when they were down end up seeing what it’s like on the other side. And the cycle continues. Monique will be fine. I don’t agree with how she did things but I won’t tear anyone down just because it’s the in thing to do right now.

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