‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Quad Clashes with Toya & Greg + Eugene Goes Too Far

Heavenly catches up with her spiritual advisor Jewel.

Jewel comes by Heavenly’s office for a dental appointment.

Heavenly fills her in on the drama that went down in Barbados. She’s bothered that the couples felt she was being messy with the questions she penned for the couples therapy night.

Jewel explains that Heavenly was wrong to want transparency from the other couples when she wasn’t willing to be transparent herself.

Heavenly is hoping to make things up to the group by having a get together for the results of the DNA tests everyone took in Barbados.

“I think I’m going to have a party and have a revealing for everyone there.” – Heavenly

Simone has a sit down with Quad.

Simone is already annoyed that Quad is 45 minutes late.

When Quad finally shows up, they exchange quick pleasantries.

Simone immediate calls her out for being late and she apologizes.

Simone explains that she wasn’t trying to come for Quad on the yacht. Quad then gets Simone to admit that everyone in the group is a bit sensitive.

Simone then sometimes she feels they don’t admit the hard truths with one another.

Quad then says she didn’t like Simone’s approach.

In a green screen interview, Simone says it doesn’t matter how she came at Quad because she doesn’t like criticism.

The conversation then turns to Quad and Greg’s marriage.

Simone doesn’t want her to give up on her marriage but Quad says she’s tried everything to make things work.

She feels like the marriage is breaking her down and she can’t allow it.

“We still have a lot of work to do. We do.” – Quad

Quad says she’s trying to figure out still if Greg is serious about working things out.

Dr. Jackie feels like she and Curtis reconnected in Barbados.

She feels like they had a real breakthrough.

He comes by the house to move back in.

He tells her he’s been working since they returned from the trip and he’s thinking about taking some time off work to work on their marriage.

Jackie tells him that he can live in the guest room for now because that would make her feel more conformable.

Curtis is not thrilled.

Jackie makes it clear in a green screen interview that this isn’t negotiable.

“It’s going to take a whole lot more than words to get back in my bed.” – Jackie

Heavenly calls up Toya to invite her to the DNA results reveal party.

“Girl…alright. Just be nice.” – Toya

Heavenly wants everyone to come dressed in African attire.

Toya accepts the invite.

Quad and Greg have a terrible meeting with their married friends.

Their married friends come by the house to have another counseling session for Quad and Greg (they call it a marital focus group).

Greg admits that he and Quad need to find a way to reconnect.

Greg says Quad makes it hard because she can be nasty, selfish and mean. He doesn’t think it’s fair.

In a green screen interview, she says Greg is being hypocritical because he’s not nice to her either.

Quad tells their friends she has been supportive through his mood swings and ups and downs.

He says that is the definition of a “buddy.”

She says that is disrespectful to say.

He says he doesn’t feel like she appreciates him as a provider.

Their friend says they should just learn how to apologize without waiting on the other to do it first.

Greg feels like Quad is always too busy for him.

When he tries to apologize and place his hand on her knee, she tells him not to put his hands on her.

“Don’t put your hands on me.” – Quad

Greg starts laughing and then falls on the floor continuing to laugh, faking a seizure.

At this point, their friends are concerned and uncomfortable.

One friend hands him a napkin to wipe the spit from his mouth.

A friend brings up that having kids made things complicated time wise for he and his wife. This sets Greg off because he’s not happy that he and Quad still don’t have kids.

“She don’t have no kids.” – Greg

In a green screen interview, Quad tells Greg that she won’t be having his kids considering how bad their marriage is.

She tells him in front of their friends that divorce is on the table and she wouldn’t be mad at him being with someone else who will make him happy.

She cries.

“F*ck those tears.” – Greg

Eventually, he walks away.

“And I’m supposed to be in love with that?” – Quad

Contessa vents to her husband Scott.

In their home movie theater, she tells him that she feels overwhelmed by trying to balance work and her home life.

She feels like she’s missing a lot of big moments in her kids’ lives.

She even missed her daughter’s recital.

“Yeah, I missed it.” – Contessa

She breaks down crying and says that she gets so sad about missing so many things.

She tells him they can afford for them to live on his income alone.

“You don’t have to work.” – Scott

Scott tells her she can stop working.

She hugs him and says she will put in her two weeks notice.

Quad and Toya clash at Heavenly’s DNA test results reveal party, Eugene goes too far.

After all the couples arrive, they all catch up.

Dr. Jackie tells the ladies that Curtis moved back in the house. In a green screen interview, Toya says she couldn’t do it.

“Am I scared for her? Absolutely.” – Toya

Contessa reveals that she is quitting her career. Simone doesn’t think this will be an easy change for Contessa in the long run. However, she understands Contessa wants more time with her kids.

Heavenly tells everyone to help themselves to the buffet.

Toya is the first one to reveal her results.

She 79% Sub-Saharan African.

Mariah is up next. She is 85% West African.

Contessa is next. She is 74% Sub-Saharan African.

Dr. Jackie is up next. She is 70% African. She is about 25% European and said her great-grandfather was white. Curtis playfully asks if that’s why she gets nervous in bad neighborhoods.

Simone is 77% African.

Quad is 90% West African. She is very proud to have the highest percentage.

Finally, Heavenly is up next. She is 80% African.

In a green screen interview, Heavenly says they are all successful African-Americans and she is proud of that.

Toya says she is very happy about how the reveal party went and she’s ready to move on from what went down in Barbados.

However, she decides to call out Quad.

She says that Quad has been taking jabs at her tax issues and that’s hurtful to her. Apparently this happened after Toya made some negative comments about BCBG clothing being on the cheap side to her.

Quad says she hears her but Toya degraded the job she has as a brand rep for BCBG.

Toya says she didn’t degrade Quad’s job because Quad should have a job.

Quad then laughs and says Toya needs the job more than she does.

In a green screen interview, Simone says Quad is acting like a child.

After Quad and Toya start arguing, Damon gets up and leaves because he’s over the negativity.

Quad asks Toya how she wants to proceed, and Toya tells her to stop saying “fake sh*t.”

Quad then says they won’t speak ever again. After the other ladies try to diffuse the situation, Quad tells them to stay out of it.

Eugene then gets up and suggests the rest of the husbands leave like Damon did. But he doesn’t do so until he gives them a piece of his mind.

“I told my wife the other day, when y’all get together, y’all act like some n*ggas.” – Eugene

The group grows silent after this.

Heavenly gets angry and calls him out. But he doesn’t back down.

“Eugene, you can’t be addressing people’s wives like that. I’m just so sorry.” – Heavenly

“I think I’ve known you all for five years. I can say whatever the hell I want.” – Eugene

“Well what are you?!” – Heavenly

She goes off in a green screen interview.

“We got on our dashikis, and your b*tch a *s going to say something like that? How dare you!” – Heavenly

He decides to walk away and Toya starts arguing with Heavenly.

The rest of husbands urge Eugene to go back and apologize.

Quad then pulls Toya to the side, and says she only came for her because she felt Toya came for her first.

At this point, Quad then takes another dig. Simone has had enough and chimes in.

“I’ve got a few more jobs coming too. So that won’t be the only.” – Quad

“Trust and believe, nobody is hating on you.” – Simone

“You shouldn’t be. It’s ridiculous.” – Quad

Simone says in a green screen interview that Quad’s icy treatment of Toya is exactly what she was talking about.

Eugene comes back and apologizes for his harsh words.

He explains that when he sees them arguing, it frustrates him because they pull each other down.

“Y’all gotta do better.” – Eugene

Eugene tells them they have petty fights and Simone tells him not to call their issues petty.

He says it’s the same beefs over and over again but Simone says it’s not his place to speak on it.

Finally, he says he probably shouldn’t have said anything but he hopes they think about what he said.

At the end, They all laugh.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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      1. I thought it was just me who thought Heavenly going off was hilarious AF. I had to rewind it and watch it again Lmfaoo!!

    1. He sure did. At the end of the day, they are doctors and doctor’s wives. So it’s hard to watch them act so high school.

    1. I know, just like Mariah said. They let her get away with a bunch. I bet she never even apologized for saying that she doesn’t care what happens to anyone in the group, they just let that slide by too. I’m tired of her and her fake accent and the way she talks and her fake crying, I’m just over her. I liked her in the first season bc she and Mariah together made good t.v but I’m so over her.

  1. Yeah Quad and Greg’s marriage is a wrap. They both know it too but they are going to be slow to pull the trigger anyway. I’m not sure why since Quad has already checked out emotionally.

  2. This season has been nuts. I know the reunion is gong to be crazy. But Quad really did prove Simone’s point. She is way too sensitive and over dramatic. In another life, she was probably a soap opera actress.

  3. Total chaos. I get what Eugene was trying to say but he should have used a better word than he did. He was disrespectful.

    Quad has mentally moved on from her marriage. I’m sure Greg will do the same very soon. But I do think Jackie and Simone’s marriages will be saved.

    And I’m really glad Quad is being called out. It’s been a long time coming. Mariah has been vindicated this season in so many ways. But I’m sure they will go back to trying to gang up on her at the reunion. Why else would they invite her since she’s barely getting scenes this season?

  4. Eugene didn’t lie about the pettiness of the women’s infighting – the doctors constantly pulling rank on the wives and the wives wanting to prove they’re as good as. He was no more disrespectful than they are fighting in front of the men every time they get together. I’m just shocked it was one of the few times Simone was not screeching! If the other couples had each others back the way Eugene and Toya do, they’d all be happy! Eugene for President ;>

  5. This show is way better than RHOA right now. It’s more real and the drama is more intriguing. It’s so underrated. I’m going to also come out and say RHOP is better than RHOA as well. No one wants to admit this though ?.

  6. When you know for sure you don’t want to have kids with a man or want him to touch you, why not go ahead and file for divorce? The thing I don’t like is Quad keeps pretending like she hasn’t already made her mind up. She ain’t staying with that man. Stop wasting time and file those papers.

  7. Eugene was right and i am shocked they tripping like that because he said they were acting like N*ggers. I know a few other things that I can be called that will have me fighting mad but, although i don’t like the word, i’m not going to cry about it. And they are petty, are they so high & mighty that they don’t think they are petty, well i beg to differ. I would tell them that they are all full of sh*t…

  8. I was so shocked Eugene said what he said. But you can tell that the husbands are sick of the petty bickering. Sometimes it can be too much.

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