New Petition Calls out Netflix on Behalf of Shonda Rhimes

Netflix has another group of people accusing them of gender and racial pay disparities.

People behind a new petition accuse Netflix of underpaying one of its newest show runners; Shonda Rhimes.

They claim her new four-year deal with the streaming platform pays Shonda a fraction of what show runner Ryan Murphy got.  As a result of Ryan’s deal, the petitioners are demanding Shonda receives the same amount as Ryan equally.

The petition reads:

Rhimes has created hits like Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder and Murphy has created hits like Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story. They are both amazing, high performing producers. Which really makes this seem like just another change for a woman, especially a woman of color, to get the shaft.

We know there are gender pay disparities at all levels of labor and in every industry and while arguing for more money for already incredibly wealthy folks may seem silly, it’s about setting a precedent and demanding pay parity. Shonda’s contract is for $100 million and Murphy’s is $300 million.

Rhimes famously encouraged Ellen Pompei, the star of Grey’s Anatomy and now the highest paid woman in television to demand pay parity. Let’s return that favor and help Rhimes get what she deserves as well.

Both Murphy and Rhimes are bound to create amazing television for Netflix. Now is the time to demand she is paid the same as him. Sign on if you agree.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix deal is reportedly a four-year deal, valued up to $20 million dollars per year. Most of all, Shonda will also earn a “rare percentage of the backend” royalties for the Netflix programs created.

Lastly, Variety reports Ryan Murphy’s deal is for 5 years and he can make up to $60 million each year.

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  1. Black people don’t care. We are just happy to get anything from a Netflix. That’s why Monique has them so mad. She’s going against the programming.

  2. Shonda has created 3 hit shows and is still underpaid but yet people are telling Monique to close her mouth GTFOH????

  3. This is how it’s been and how it always will be as long as black folks tells black people to shut up and take what we are offered.

  4. It’s crazy how they keep dragging Monique but the receipts keep coming out. You don’t have to like her or her ways but she damn sure has a good point.

  5. Of course they are paying her less than the white man. We’re too busy bashing Monique and laughing at her with Charlamagne to admit there really is an issue and we need to do something about it. And the thing that annoys me the most is they bring up MoNique’s supposed bad attitude, while there are white actors out here who have done much worse on set and still get booked left and right. Bad attitudes are only an issue if you’re a woman.

  6. One day maybe 10/20 years from now, we will be thanking Monique. i love the fact that, she stays consistent to her rant, and she is not scared.

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