LHHMIA Star Malik Apologizes for Homophobic Comments

Malik was in the closet when the first season of “Love and Hip Hop Miami” began.

His ex Jeffrey was with Bobby Lytes at the time, but he left Bobby to reunite with Malik.

Malik then felt it was important for him to come out the closet, and the first person he told of his s*xuality was Prince.

However, he’s been using the “F word” during his bouts of anger.

He used the word to describe Bobby’s flamboyant personality.

Malik also used the word again to describe the dancers Prince hired to crash Michelle Pooch’s party.

Viewers are fed up with Malik’s choice of words and he’s been getting called out on social media.

So during a recent interview, Malik addressed his actions.

He issued an apology and stated that he understands he was out of line.

You can check out the video below:

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  1. So he needs to aplogize for saying f-g even though he gay but homegirl gets to say n-gha and its cool. When did a lifrstyle become more important than an entire race?

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