Journalist Jawn Murray Accused of ‘Profiting’ from Criticisms of MoNique’s Netflix Boycott

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By: A.J. Niles

A few people recently exposed the alleged positive outcomes for one of Mo’Nique’s staunchest critics: Jawn Murray.

Jawn Murray and Mo’Nique have been going back and forth ever since she started her quest to boycott Netflix. He defended Will Packer and Lee Daniels, trying to discredit Mo’ every step of the way.

Well a few writers and bloggers called out the work of Jawn and say he stood to benefit from attacking her.

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  1. I mean to be honest Jawn isn’t the only one. So is Charlamagne, Yee and Envy. It’s no coincidence that they got invites to the premiere of Oprah’s movie right after. This is why black people have come up with their own opinions. Even our so called black journalists can be bought out. And a lot of them hate black women. Especially Jawn and Charlamagne.

  2. If people pay attention, they can learn a lot by watching who is going against MoNique and who is siding with her. Those that have nothing to lose and don’t need any connections are defending her (Chance, India, Jada, etc.) But those who need to advance themselves are dragging her because it pays off right now. Pay equality is an issue, especially for black women in Hollywood. Who Monique is married to or what happened between her and Oprah has nothing to do with any of this. Especially when Tiffany Haddish is going down that same road. She’s not going to get paid either as Netflix has already shown her.

    1. Tiffany bothers me. You ever see a black celebrity that you just get the feeling racists are laughing at and not with? Or that black celebrity that makes racists comfortable and feel better about themselves? That’s Tiffany. She reminds me a lot of Leslie Jones from SNL. They are non threatening black women who don’t mind being c–nish for popularity and opportunities. But when it’s all said and done, they end up really resentful when their star finally does dim because they sacrificed so much for so little.

  3. Those old tweets were just plain out hateful. We need to figure out why some black people actually get racist themselves when someone is critical of Tyler Perry and Oprah. Some of the comments I’ve read from black people about MoNique have been horrible.

  4. Where is the integrity as a journalist? I thought journalists don’t knowingly spread false information. He and Roland Martin could have least retracted the lie they ran with from IOB.

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