Shaunie O’Neal Says BBW Backlash is Hypocritical + Talks Black Athletes & White Women

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Filming for the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” is well underway.

In fact, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal just conducted an interview that will possibly be featured on the show.

During the interview, the women opened up about a range of topics.

The topics included the constant backlash they receive over how the show may possibly negatively affect the image of black women collectively.

And Shaunie feels like she gets more backlash than other shows because she herself is a black woman.

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  1. We are always harder on each other because we are supposed to look out for us more than anyone else would.

    1. I think that’s BS. A lot of us are harder on each other because we care too much about what white people think about us. Some of the older generation can’t stand Shaunie because they feel like BBW embarrasses us in front of white people. But the thing is white people can have a variety of different shows on TV and not one single one is a representation of all of them, right? Why can’t we have that too?

  2. If Black Panther has shown us anything it’s that representation matters. We now have more little black children interested in science and math because of one movie. People are hard on Shaunie because they know that shows like Basketball Wives do nothing but reinforce negative stereotypes of black women. It’s her hustle, but she has to understand where the backlash is coming from and learn how to not take it personally if she has no plans to stop doing the show. I can only hope parents are making sure their kids aren’t watching anything on VH1. It’s all toxic and definitely not suitable for children.

  3. She can’t compare Bravo/Andy to herself. We already know Bravo doesn’t have an invested interest in black people. When black people get in roles of power, we expect them to be smart with it.

  4. I think Mona said something similar a few years ago. Andy does the same thing and gets no backlash. I never understood it.

  5. White girls aren’t easier. They just know how to pretend but the truth comes out after they get the ring. All women are difficult honestly. Men are trash though.

      1. Not white just don’t buy into the lie that women of color are more difficult. No, we’re just more upfront with ours. Others pretend to be more submissive until they get the ring.

  6. Just because the other network have women acting in certain manors doesn’t mean she has to follow. Why not be honest and say more people will tune in to watch women acting a fool than acting professional and classy and I’m going to show whatever it takes to make my bank account large

  7. Mona and Shaunie need to accept that the backlash will always be there because of the platforms they chose to make money off. If they can’t handle the criticism, maybe they should have done something else to make money. And I don’t know how Shaunie can fix her lips to say they are trying to be better when just last season one black woman threatened to stab someone to death. A grandmother at that.

  8. I understand the whole double standard picture she’s attempting to paint here – I just think it’s ridiculous. It’s so annoying to see her advocating for something as silly as their behaviors being accepted. For people like me who don’t care to see it in any form, whether White or Black – her argument here is invalid. Like someone else said, as a Black Woman in a position of power; she (in addition to the rest of them) needs to do better.

  9. Everybody knows that white women are weak aka translation easier to be with….they also raise kids that are confused about they identity and most dont identify as. Bkack which they are not….its a consequence being with them one they arent black and black men lose their blackness

  10. What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul?
    why is she comparing BBW to white shows? Society and the media will always look out for them. We have to work 10 times harder. Why give the world a negative view of ourselves. The white man does it for us already. Why help him?

  11. My goodness Jackie and Shaunie are even boring in their interviews. No wonder they weren’t dumb enough to fire Jackie. She makes the show!

  12. If people are going hard on Shaunie for BBW they need to go hard on Mona Scott. Each and every one of the L&HH franchises do Black women and Black men no favors in the representation department.

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