Dr. Simone Reveals Status with Cecil Whitmore Post the Reunion

Are Simone and Cecil still married?

If you caught season five of “Married to Medicine” then you already know it was explosive.

Dr. Jackie and Curtis Berry had to tackle infidelity.

Curtis was actually spotted out in public with his mistress and Jackie had to learn about the affair from the blogs.

She later filed for divorce but the couple decided to work things out.

Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Gregory Lunceford have grown to resent one another. Quad even feels like she’s not appreciated.

Greg revealed at the reunion that he ended up in a hotel room with another woman. He later claimed that he left before anything could happen. The same woman then tried to extort him.

By the end of the season five reunion, Quad was still unsure of the future of their marriage.

And Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore were also tested.

Turns out Cecil had a female friend (Tammy) in his life that has been a nuisance for Simone.

She also felt like Cecil didn’t express his love for her enough.

Cecil felt like Simone worked too much and didn’t make enough time for him.

Thanks to the rest of the group forcing them to talk out their issues, the couple was able to come to a resolution and commit to working things out.

Cecil committed to taking therapy seriously and cutting out his female friend Tammy.

And Simone agreed that she would have to start making time for Cecil and no longer allowing her career to hinder that.

It was said by Simone that they would not move forward with the divorce, but is the couple still together post filming the reunion?

The answer is yes. Here’s what Simone told Bravo recently:

Cecil and I left the Reunion committed to one another to work on our marriage. We are in counseling individually and together.

We are still living separately but hopeful for a union under one roof soon.

Well there you have it.

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  1. I think it sucks that she threatens to divorce him to get him to do what she wants. I don’t think she ever planned to go through with the divorce. That’s unhealthy imo.

  2. I believe Simone and Cecil will be fine. Sometimes you just have to hit the reset button in your relationship. Especially when the kids get older.

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