Tiffany Haddish Dismisses Mo’Nique’s Netflix Boycott + Spills More Beyonce Tea (UPDATE)

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By: A.J. Niles

Tiffany Haddish is back in the headlines again for her recently released interview with GQ. Specifically, Tiffany has been trending for her further comments about partying with Beyoncé.

However, Tiffany had some not so good things to say about Mo’Nique’s Netflix boycott.

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  1. I don’t like MoNique but Tiff is wrong for criticizing her boycott on a white platform. Black people have to do better. It’s not like Netflix doesn’t have a history of underpaying black talent anyway.

  2. Tiffany ain’t been in the business for five minutes. She’ll see soon what Mo’Nique is saying. Right now she’s just happy to have any kind of opportunities. As far as the Beyonce bit, Tiffany is quickly gaining the reputation as someone who can’t hold water. That will hurt her later.

  3. I get c—n vibes from this woman. She’s pretty much paid to be every negative stereotype of black women possible. They love how loud and ignorant she is. It makes other races comfortable. But black people are supposed to love her right? I’ll pass.

  4. She didn’t have to shade Sidney to express her opinion. She’s on top. There’s no need to be messy when Mo’Nique has always spoken positively of her. This makes me look at her differently.

    1. I agree. This actually makes her look bad in my opinion. Especially when she just said on Twitter that she respects MoNique and supports her feelings/agrees there’s a pay issue for black women. I guess she was just being fake to look good.

      1. She’s friends with Charlemagne. I’m sure he called her to told her to follow the same script he’s been given. Once I saw her selfie with Oprah, I knew she would be changing her tune soon.

  5. Now see if MoNique read her a long time ago, people would have said she was wrong. But here she is being a b—- for no real reason. I see success has gone to her head. And by the way, her people are dying. Yet I don’t see her saying anything or doing anything about it. She just wanted to grandstand.

  6. “I don’t have that husband of hers”

    Now sis. You don’t want no smoke with Mo’Nique. She’s a real comedian and will read your non funny a— for filth. Don’t let Charlamagne pump you up boo.

  7. I don’t like Tiffany. Not only does she talk too much but she really is her character from Girls Trip. So that means she really wasn’t acting.

    1. That’s the thing. If you’re going to keep spilling tea, then spill all of it. Say who it was or say nothing at all.

  8. At some point, people have to understand that you can’t say everything you want to. Tiffany is going to mess up and say something she won’t be able to take back one day. She really does talk way too much.

  9. Come on now Tiff. And can she chill on discussing Bey in interviews? She talks more about Bey than herself.

  10. Man yet another chick hyped up by Charlamagne and the black blogs comes through to show how problematic she is. First Cardi, now her. They could use their platforms to promote real talent who don’t embarrass themselves for pennies. But nope, they promote people like Tiffany and Cardi. I’m so over it.

  11. First off this was a very tacky interview. Tiffany going to really regret this interview because not only does it show she has a big mouth but shows her lack of awareness and understanding of the industry. I definitely don’t agree with her stance aginst Monique’s boycott but I ain’t surprised. But I have a MAJOR problem with her speaking on Monique’s husband. That’s not her place to speak on him or how Monique’s business is run. I can understand if Oprah,Tyler,Lee, Will Packer or others who have had a business relationship with Monique criticized her because they’ve worked with her and can say I’ve experience etc etc. She has had no interaction with Monique or Sidney in terms of business so how can you speak on it smh.

  12. Ooo B. You just said the wrong thing. A difference of opinion is fine. But you got personal. “That husband of hers”. Mo’ is about to go in, and rightfully so. I hope you’re ready.

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