Sheree Whitfield Gets Testy over Tyrone Question on WWHL + Tyrone Denied Early Release

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sheree and Tyrone Gilliams’ romance has been hot topic on social media in the tenth season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

And it appears Sheree has reached her breaking point when it comes to the criticism.

She even snapped on a caller during her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

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  1. So this explains why Sheree has been so messy on Twitter. She was bitter about Tyrone not getting an early release plus she wanted to deflect from the situation so the media wouldn’t catch on.

  2. Sheree is mad at the wrong people. It’s not the caller, NeNe or Kenya’s fault that her boo will be in prison for the next few years, regardless of him telling her naive tail differently. If Sheree had any sense, she’d end it now and get her life together. Her only check comes from Bravo and she’s been looking for love in the wrong places. Her own daughter gets it but Sheree is still too tired and delayed to see things for what they are. She needs to stop living in a fantasy world.

  3. Kim needs to stop playing victim. We all watched her and her mini me (eww) come for NeNe first. It started with the drug accusations, then the roach stuff came right after. So a victim she is not. She is the one who has some soul searching to do so she can finally act her age. Not NeNe.

  4. Looks like Sheree got a little bit of karma. She has so much to say about other people and their relationships but she has enough of her own problems to focus on right now. Since Tyrone isn’t getting out anytime soon like he said, she should spend some time away from Twitter and figure out how to execute her exit. He’s not worth waiting on.

  5. I thought it was weird to see Sheree Twitter beefing. That’s not her style. Turns out she is just angry and miserable about Tyrone not getting out. She should not take that out on NeNe and Kenya.

  6. So basically Tyrone stashed some of his illegal funds to the side before he went to prison. Does Sheree not understand how that will play out once the government figures out that’s what he did? Phaedra almost got locked up over that Apollo stuff. I guess she doesn’t think it can happen to her.

  7. So he told Sheree that he would get early release because he’s innocent, but he didn’t because he’s not. When will she wake up?

  8. How embarrassing. I think this needs to be Sheree’s final season. Her storyline is a joke and she’s not doing anything worthwhile for the show.

    1. She’s not the only one that should leave at the end of the season, let her, Kim, Cynthia, Eva too all if them can go. Kenya needs to go to and be a wife and whatever else she wants, she’s boring as well. Heck Porsha is boring too. They need a whole new crew. Nene is HNIC so, she can stay but even Kandi storyline is getting tired. They need to do something or a lot more folks will stop watching.

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