RHOA Ratings Drop Massively in Season Ten

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have been busy going back and forth on Twitter for the last couple of days.

However, their beef may not be doing much for the ratings of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In fact, last Sunday’s episode is the lowest rated since season one of the hit reality show.

And ratings aren’t that good for “Tardy for the Party” either.

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  1. I think Kim should go and just be on her show no one watches. Bring Phaedra back because she’s the perfect villain.

  2. Well Marlo should get a peach. Sheree and Cynthia should lose their peaches. Please don’t bring on Eva as she’s actually pretty dam boring. I would like to see two celebrities added to the cast. I’m surprised they haven’t contacted some of these R&B Divas ATL for the cast. or get Joseline. Somebody we all know and actually like

  3. They need to get rid of Sheree and Kim. Neither does anything but annoy the viewers and I’m convinced they have been hurting the ratings too. I would love for Phaedra to return but that’s probably not going to happen. Keep Porsha. Keep NeNe. Make Cynthia part time. Keep Marlo part time. And bring in someone else who will shake things up. She can’t be scared of anyone. That’s why Eva is not working.

  4. Kim is the reason ratings are dropping. Before the season started a lot of RHOA fans said they would not watch as long as Kim was back on the show. She’s a racist and victim playing loser that Bravo needs to stop supporting on the backs of black women. NeNe’s spinoff got over a million viewers. Kandi’s spinoff got over a million viewers. So why does Kim keep getting renewed when she needed M2M to have any sort of a tick up on her flop ratings? She would not have that kind of support from Bravo if she was black.

  5. Kim can go.
    Bring phaedra’s Lying a-s back.
    Cynthia friend of the wives. (I love her but she isn’t bringing enough to the show to hold a peach imo.)
    Give Eva a peach.
    Shereé can be friend to the wives or she can go all together!

  6. Kim kills the ratings! She always has. Ratings didn’t see record numbers until she left the show! No one likes her personality except all five of her fans. The rest are fake accounts she and her thirsty family runs so they can appear to have a huge fan base! People don’t like Kim because she’s always coming for other people first, but plays victim when they clap back. If RHOA is so fake, why won’t she just leave and stay gone?!

  7. Kim is a huge issue but her friend and producer Michael Beck is the real issue. He does not know what he’s doing. Carlos King annoyed me so much because he made RHOA ratchet but he knows how to piece storylines and episodes together. Beck does not!!

  8. I think Kim should be fired and stay away this time. Especially since she thinks she’s too good to be around anyway. Sheree has worn out her welcome as well. She’s more infuriating than anything else at this point. I miss seeing the women be fabulous with money and throwing classy shade. Can we get back to that?

  9. Interesting that last Sunday’s episode was the lowest ratings since season 1.. especially considering how Kenya was talking slick about how the ratings had dropped bc she wasn’t on the show. Hmm ?.. Funny how she and her husband showed up and it was worse. IJS.. I guess she’s not the key to the ratings. A little humble pie ? might be good now Kenya. ?

    1. RHOA reached its highest ratings ever when Kenya joined the cast. So I don’t know why y’all don’t like to acknowledge that. But a lot of Kenya’s fans are not watching this season because we want Kim gone! She is trash!

  10. They should revamp the whole cast and get new people completely. All need to be married and actually have some money.

  11. This just shows that Kenya is not the main draw she thinks she is. People don’t care about her fake husband. LOL.

    1. If Kenya is not a main draw, then why didn’t the show get record ratings before she came on the show? This is about Kim. People are tuning out because of Kim. Even her own show is struggling. She is the common denominator.

  12. I just don’t think Marlo needs a peach. She may be messy but she can keep stirring the pot as a friend to the show. Something about her cheapens RHOA for me. So I need her in small doses. And these ratings are really bad. At this point they are probably going to fire most of the cast. The question is who will actually be spared.

  13. Is this why they are all dragging each other on Twitter? To get ratings back up? They need to understand this won’t work. People do not want to see Kim on RHOA. And Sheree has lost her appeal. People who loved her can’t stand her now. So Bravo should replace Kim and Sheree. Then ratings should stabilize. Eva doesn’t need to come back because she’s too afraid of the other housewives. I actually prefer Shamea over her.

  14. Now it’s not all on Kim. Kim sucks. I don’t like her but are we going to pretend that Kandi, Cynthia, Sheree, Kenya, Eva, Shamea, Porsha and NeNe have been entertaining all season long? Marlo is the only one who brings it. So yes she deserves a peach.

  15. Kim is always bragging about her show and lying about the ratings. If it’s so good over there, stay there and stop ruining RHOA for the rest of us.

  16. Another factor in the reason behind the ratings dropping is those d-mn RHOA fan pages on IG and Twitter. They spill so much tea (truth & LIES) by the time the new season start everyone done lost interest because we already know all the storylines, who friends, who enemies, etc.

  17. honestly this show has needed a revamping for a very very long time since season 7… they need to get rid of Sheree and Kim, make Eva a peach holder plus bring in maybe one or two new fresh faces younger in their 30’s mainly someone we do not know to spice it up I would love Marlo to have a peach but I just think Eva would provide better storylines as Marlo would just be keeping up mess but no substance.

  18. Phaedra does NOT need to come back. She really made the show trashy. For people to say Marlo ruins the quality of the show but Phaedra gets some kind of pass is so weird to me. Phaedra can stay right where she is: unemployed and unbooked.

  19. RHOA lost its appeal a while ago. At its peak, even straight men watched the show because they also had the husbands on a lot and they had much more to do with the storylines. Like that Pillow Talk season was one of the best seasons in reality TV history. Now that the husbands have gone back to their shadows and many of them are out of the picture due to divorce, the show isn’t as interesting. It’s all cat fights over dumb stuff. No substance. Nothing drawing in a large audience.

  20. Bring Phaedra back. She had the best one liners, best shade! Cynthia boring and so is Eva. Tired of Kandi and her dry a-s.

  21. The housewives should be, Nene, Porsha, Phaedra, Marlo, Jennfer Williams, and Kenya. Meverybody can go!

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