Controversial Photos of Chris Brown Released (UPDATE)

It’s being reported that photos of Chris Brown surfaced of him in Miami allegedly with his hands around the neck of a woman. In the photos, you see Chris with hands near the woman’s neck, while another allegedly tries to separate the two.

This of course isn’t a good look for Chris considering his past with domestic violence.

TMZ writes:

Chris Brown was horseplaying in Miami a few days ago and, even though some of the pics look ominous, Chris and the woman say it was all in good fun.

Chris and a bunch of people were partying at a home he was renting during the Ultra Festival. The photos were taken at 9 AM Monday.

In a few photos … Chris has his right hand around a woman’s throat. Although the woman looks like she’s in distress in a few pics, she and Chris insist it’s horseplay. In other photos you see the woman smiling as Chris touches her neck.

Check out the photos below:

Photo Credit: TMZ
Photo Credit: TMZ

It’s worth noting Chris Brown’s attorney issued a statement, stating, “She’s a friend. It’s obviously playful as she confirmed. Whoever invaded their privacy will be held accountable.”

Do you think this is ‘horseplay?’ Let us know in our comments below.

UPDATE: More photos of Chris Brown partying with the ladies in the original photos surfaced. In the photos below, Chris Brown appears to be playful with the two women involved. This includes the woman he allegedly placed hands on, who was smiling, appearing to have a good time.

Chris also posted a message to his Instagram account denying any wrong doing to anyone photographed.

Photo Credit: TMZ
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  1. Chris and his lawyer need to stop. If they were joking, why does Chris look like he’s on drugs and there’s another woman trying to get him to let the other woman go? This was not horseplaying. He was dead serious and he’s still abusive. If didn’t have a lawyer and fans enabling him all the time, then just maybe he would have gotten the help he needed a long time ago.

  2. They make so many excuses for this man. I just don’t understand why. How can anyone look at these pictures and think they were all ki’king and playing?

  3. Chris is spiraling out of control yet again. Whenever he tries to reach back out to Karrueche, you can expect some foolishness to follow. It’s sad not one person in his life will ever tell him about himself. They all enable him.

  4. Why can’t he keep his hands off women? I’m disgusted that there are still people out here who support him.

  5. I think he was high on drugs but play choking her which he shouldn’t be doing given what he’s done to Rihanna and Karrueche.

  6. Why even play like that given his past situation. These non-black women are going to be the death of Chris Brown.

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