Zoey Finally Makes a Choice out of Aaron, Luca & Cash, Did She Pick the Right Guy?

Photo Credit: Freeform

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the season one finale of “grown-ish,” Zoey was finally forced to make a major decision when it comes to her love life.

She finally picked who to be with out of Luca, Aaron and Cash.

And much to the delight of many of the viewers, Zoey chose to be with Luca.

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  1. I love the vibe Luca and Zoey have with each other. My only issue is sometimes he comes off like he doesn’t care about anything.

  2. I was team Aaron but I ain’t mad she ended up with Luca anybody was better than Cash. I still feel like her and Aaron are going to eventually get together. I don’t know why I get the Dwayne and Whitley vibe from them like they will eventually get together. Grownish is probably one of the best shows on tv to really enjoyed this season.

  3. Team Aaron FTW! I really think she won’t be with Luca very long. She did say she picked the guy based on where she is in her life right now. She’s just in her freshman year. She’s going to change and end up with Aaron before the show ends.

  4. All three are cuties but I knew she would pick Luca. They do have a connection she just doesn’t have with the others. And Aaron really acted like he didn’t like her like that for the majority of the season. Luca showed her more interest from jump.

  5. I enjoyed this first season. Seeing her and Luca as a couple is going to be really interesting. Some people were saying on Twitter that they think Aaron is going to end up with Ana.

    1. With Anna? Really? You think so? I think that Sky and Cash are going to hit it off, to be honest… They would be a cute couple… But I love the idea that Zoey and Luca are a thing. Baby Basquatt for life… lol

  6. Very feminist show. 3 choices of guys she chooses Luca …and Zoey eventually ending up with Aaron. Yeah he’s going to sit there waiting for zoey and Luca to finish enjoying each other then get cash and Lucas leftovers. Really no mans going to just forget that he was second best.
    Cmon now don’t know how but she’s going to have to take some major hits for that to remotely make sense

  7. late but I’m glad she chose Luca, they go together really well and the sparks that fly between them are literllyg ???? I hope she stays Luca!!!

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