RHOA Recap: Kenya Shuts Down Marlo + Andy Drops a Bomb About Marc

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On part one of the reunion for season ten of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya Moore had quite a bit going on.

A pregnancy was announced.

She faced off with Marlo, and ended up exposing the dirty deed she did behind NeNe’s back.

Then of course she addressed her marriage with Marc Daly. This led to Andy dropping a bomb on her that left Kenya speechless.

Sheree was called out for her unwavering loyalty to Kim.

And Porsha and Kandi realize they may never be able to be cordial.

Here’s a recap for “Reunion Part 1.”

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  1. Okay Kenya’s whole marriage thing is weird. How do you marry someone and you haven’t met their parents? This makes me think she’s not pregnant either.

    1. Thank you!!! Been saying the same about that pretend marriage with no certificate for the longest. And that baby storyline will be out the window when she mysteriously loses it next season.

    1. How is it a fraud? You do know it’s possible that Marc doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents and that’s why she hasn’t met them. Y’all love to beat Kenya down and it’s getting so old.

        1. For someone who’s been so transparent and OTT about her life this whole thing smacks of deceit in Kenya’s part. Plus, the absence of a marriage certificate and the fact she never said she was pregnant, just that they’re expecting a baby make me thing this whole thing is a fraud.

  2. I’m so over the Kandi and Porsha situation. It really is being dragged out. I don’t want to hear about it anymore. If it’s mentioned again next season I’m going to scream. Move on already!

  3. It’s obvious that Kenya is not married and I doubt she’s pregnant. She’s lying to save her peach. LOL.

    1. I missed you, swear to god. You’re the only one who says what I’m thinking about Kenya. Lol!

  4. This episode was a trip. Very entertaining. As far as Kenya and Marc go, I just have a lot of questions. But I could see Andy has grown annoyed with her. It makes me think the rumors of Bravo giving her an ultimatum are true.

  5. Marlo really is trash. Why do people like her so much? She’s just using all these women. She’s a friend to no one.

  6. I wonder what all the Kenya haters are going to do when Kenya’s pregnant tummy gets bigger and undeniable. What will they say then? She’s wearing a fake baby bump?

  7. I’m surprised Marlo wasn’t ready for Kenya. She was like a deer in headlights when she’s usually ready to read people on the spot.

  8. The whole Phaedra and Porsha thing should not still be Kandi’s only storyline. That happened last season. Enough already.

  9. The thing with Kandi though is she felt like Nene making rape comments was not a big deal at all and she should not have been kicked off the tour. So why is it hard to forgive Porsha for repeating something a former close friend told her that she found out was a lie after the fact? That’s very hypocritical to me.

  10. This was a good reunion! Wow where do I begin? Kenya married a man whom she haven’t met the his parents? hmmm her reason for this is they was on a cruise? So they been on a cruise for a year? Oh wait they live out of state, well so does you and your husband but you both found time to get married and get pregnant. You were able about to fly to Egypt for a vacation but can’t go see who birth and raised your husband? that lone sounds very fishy. I wouldn’t be surprised if their marriage was arranged like her past relationships. and If she is pregnant and that’s a bigggg IF She could have did that on her own just by going to a sperm bank. She looked real dumb when she tried to say what her husband didn’t say when he clearly saying one thing and she thinking another, clearly there is NO communication on this subject. lets move on to Sheree lying a*s! Did you she how she was stuttering when asked about her clothing line? She is sooooo ridiculous is a sad shame. between that and her defending Kim is just sad. Marlo we all knew was a slut but this is just below the belt nasty! I can’t believe Nene is still speaking to her. that chick is a snake! Kenya made her look like a fool last night! Porsche and Kandi is boring as usual and Cynthia is always under the radar with nothing interesting going as usual. all in all I can’t wait until next week when they put that twisted infected looking mouth Kim in her place.

  11. My takeaway from this reunion (so far) are a few things. 1. Kenya and Cynthia are not real friends. Honestly I don’t think Kenya considers any of these women as her friends. Just coworkers. She will always be a mystery to them. 2. Porsha has not changed. That is why she stopped faking like she’s sorry and said Kandi is acting like a victim. That’s how you know she doesn’t think she was wrong at all. 3. NeNe really can’t see Marlo for what she is. And she’s definitely no one’s friend. Just a user who will stoop to the lowest levels for a trip to Neiman Marcus. 4. Sheree is jealous that NeNe became more popular than her. 5. Eva doesn’t need a peach. She can’t handle any of these women.

  12. Just cause she haven’t met his parents doesn’t mean they are not married my mother didn’t meet my dads mother till I was 5 and my sister was 8 some people have different relationships with their parents and maybe that wasn’t her business to tell maybe he hasn’t see his parents since he was a child and FYI my parents have been married for over 33years so that doesn’t mean it’s not real

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