LHHATL Recap: Tommie Clashes with Versace, Again + Shooter’s Friend Keely is Messy

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Tommie’s mother Samantha tries once again to fix her relationship with her sister Versace.

But things only get worse and a family portrait goes left.

Shooter gets some advice from a female friend who places a lot of blame on Sierra.

Karlie must make some major decisions about her father who is suffering from cancer.

Jasmine and Kirk reach an understanding.

And Just Brittany has had just about enough of Steve J. and the drama he brings.

Here is a recap for “Do It For Finesse.”

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  1. I don’t like the Keely chick. She’s really out here placing all this blame on Sierra like Shooter doesn’t have a side baby.

  2. It’s messed up Shooter’s son was killed but that doesn’t erase the fact that he cheated on his WIFE and had a baby she didn’t even know about it. She went to the funeral but she doesn’t owe him anything else.

    1. Yeah, Shooter did a bit to much to his wife to think she wants to hold his hand while he grieves, she did her part and is done. She doesn’t owe him any more then that. He can cut the bull, his marriage is a mess he made, so now he got no wife.

  3. Tommies family has some serious issues not even Iyanla can fix. The way her mother talks to her explains a lot. Who calls their child a b–ch and ugly. Tommie has no respect for her mother because there I nothing to respect. The way she feuds with her sister like she someone from the streets. Man. I would have thought there was no way these women are related. Smh they need to get it together

  4. this show has really run it’s course. I mean yes Tommie has a major attitude but it’s like they are exploiting that. its like they push her buttons so she can go off. I am no Tommie fan but I do see a pattern here, and with her crack head looking mother (I’m convinced she is on something) always trying to start sh*t with her. She does try to walk away most of the time but she lets them pull her in every time. I can’t imagine having a mom like her or talking the way she does to her mom. You would have thought they were two strangers on the street.

  5. It’s cringeworthy to sit back and watch Mona exploit Tommie and her family’s dysfunction for ratings, especially when the ratings are horrible.

  6. Y’all I’m about tired of Tommie. Can she get a new storyline? The whole fighting people because they pressed charges storyline has been done to death by her.

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