Ashley Darby Slams Karen Huger + Shoots Down Rumors About Michael

Karen wasn’t the only person who had to answer to scandalous rumors.

After Ashley demanded to know if Karen would be indicted due to Ray owing almost $4 million in unpaid taxes, Karen brought up the rumors surrounding Michael.

According to editing from the most recent episode, bloggers claimed that a man was claiming to be Michael’s secret lover.

There was even a photo floating around of Michael, allegedly, standing in a hotel room with no clothes on.

But Ashley says it’s just BS.

This is what she had to say in her Bravo blog: What were you thinking when she brought up your husband’s “ding-a–ling”?

AD: It was quite comical! Unlike Karen (allegedly), I know everything Michael is doing. A fake story about my husband, featuring a faceless grainy picture of some other white man, has no basis. I know it’s whack and have the receipts to firmly validate my truth.

On the other hand, Karen has gone around Potomac for YEARS acting high and mighty. That arrogance is unbecoming and has rubbed many people the wrong way (I’ve heard so many overlapping tales). Now the Washington Post, an internationally recognized and acclaimed publication, has revealed that Karen’s riches are as fake as her teeth. No disputing that fact.

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  1. Karen may be full of it but Ashley actually admitted to being kicked out of the house. Michael pretty much told her she owns nothing and he can take it away whenever he wants. That’s much worse than paying off taxes and fake teeth. LOL.

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