LHHATL Salaries Revealed?

In Touch Weekly recently reported the salaries for current and past cast members of LHHATL.

Joseline Hernandez

The first thing that stood out is the amount of money Joseline Hernandez made before leaving. They had her at about $400,000 during her last season filming. No word about what Stevie J is making from LHHATL or his spin-off, but Mimi Faust is pegged at about $100,000.

Kirk and Rasheeda

With Joseline Hernandez gone, and Stevie J’s numbers unknown, the known highest paid cast members are Kirk and Rasheeda. Kirk Frost, according to In Touch makes about $300,000 while Rasheeda makes $25,000 per episode. Last season, there were 16 episodes. If that is true for Season 7, she should be looking at bringing in about $400,000.


On the other hand, Tommie’s numbers are a far-cry from Kirk and Rasheeda as a full-time cast member. Her salary is only $17,000. Meanwhile, Karlie Redd makes $50,000 from the show and when he was there, Lil Scrappy made $200,000.

What are your thoughts on the salaries? Do you believe these numbers are right?

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  1. I just don’t think this is right. Especially Rasheeda and Kirk. What they are making is Bravo money. vh1 does’t pay that well.

  2. D-mn now I see why some of these reality show stars keeps there d-mn day jobs! I bet Kurt side baby getting a good piece of that $400,000 no wonder he was keeping her in an apt he could easily afford too! sh*t that’s what the president makes per year before perks.

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